NYC Indymedia Hall of Flame

A typical comments exchange from NYC Indymedia:

BOORISH Orthodox Crusade

Mar 22, 2011 02:45PM EDT
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Your zionist, pro-Jewish leanings fooled no-one.
Your program was smarmy and faked sincere feelings for tre peace, boring and self-indulgent. You always seemd to support aggressions against Arabs from time to time…even your title with the word CRUSADE in it? Wise? Or a self-inside-joke? Why not MOORISH ORTHODOX HOLOCAUST? Or JIHAD? Or–well you get the point.

good riddance.


Mar 22, 2011 10:31PM EDT
Bill Weinberg http://

Every time I post on Indymedia the responses include at least one textbook case in anti-Semitism. Mr. “good riddance” doesn’t even try to hide it, refreshingly. I have never uttered a syllable of defense for Zionism or “aggressions against Arabs.” But is there any reason I shouldn’t be “pro-Jewish”? Of course I’m pro-Jewish. Forgot to use your code word there for a minute, didn’t you?

The name Moorish Orthodox Radio Crusade was not invented by me but by the show’s founder Peter Lamborn Wilson, and was intended as a satire of the various “Christian Radio Crusades” out there. Not an inside joke, but clear political satire. So no, I certainly don’t get your “point.”


Mar 22, 2011 11:56PM EDT
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Please, Bill…
If I said pro-Christian or pro-Muslim….no false smear of ant- whatever.

BUT–just mention the word JEWISH…and BOY OH BOY….FREE SPEECH gets shut down by the BIG BAD BILL!

What a joke.


ps AMY GOODMAN (also JEWISH) also does NOT show up to WBAI studios yet YOU do NOT condemn HER?


ur a fraud dude.

Amy isn’t a quack

Mar 23, 2011 12:57AM EDT
Bill Weinberg http://

One red herring down.

I fail to understand why you would use “pro-Muslim” as a disparaging remark. Nothing wrong with that. But you clearly used “pro-Jewish” as an insult, and implied I was trying to “fool” people.

Two red herrings down.

Nobody called for your censorship.

Third red herring down.

I will note however, that Indymedia would never tolerate this kind of ethnic taunting if it were directed at any other ethnicity.

Wrong again Bill.

Mar 23, 2011 01:54AM EDT
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Bill, I didn’t say the ‘pro-Muslim’ was a disparaging remark.
But I notice how you leave ‘pro-Christian’ out.

I’d listen to ur show from time to time. Always slamming certain anti-war groups.

Btw-AMY GOODMAN is a SOROS corporaate, zionist shill who simply re-hashes YESTERDAYS news and interviews the ususal suspects. Chomsky, etc.

And INDYMEDIA constantly allows remarks insulting gays, women, Muslims (written by some of the most vile zionists).

And–Perhaps YOU dont like Null cause he’s a WHITE MALE? (Perhaps Christian)?
What’s wrong with NULL being successful?

ALL your un-truths, lies and red-herrings have been exposed AGAIN.

That’s exactly my point

Mar 23, 2011 02:10AM EDT
Bill Weinberg http://

For you”pro-Jewish” is an insult; “pro-Muslim” and “pro-Christian” are not.

Bill is caught on the glue-trap!

Mar 23, 2011 01:46PM EDT
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If you’re so proud of the title or ur OLD show mocking ‘Christian’ shows…and you are supposed to be against all religions – then WHY WOULD you be ‘pro-Jewish’?

It’s an observation NOT an insult.
It’s YOU however who seem to LIKE the fact that Muslim nations are being attacked (you attack anti-war groups) for the protection of israel.

The point is – YOU are comfortable endorsing US military actions against Muslim nations: Iran and LIBYA and make a mockery of everything Christian- yet support the Jewish / zionist spin.

you’re a fraud- who’s finnaly been exposed.



DEBATE continues

Mar 23, 2011 03:07PM EDT
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Since religions are for the weak-minded Bill and are a creation of humankind Bill, then WHY do you support the Taxpayer and Congress funded terrorist state of ISRAEL which has been created due to a BIBLICAL command ?

So, BILL– do you call for the terror state of ISRAEL to be de-funded, dismantled and de-weaponized?


Mar 23, 2011 03:23PM EDT
Bill Weinberg http://

The name pokes fun not at Christianity, but Christian FUNDAMENTALISM. The show always opposed fundamentalism of all stripes.

And I utterly reject the reductionist view that “Jewish” just refers to religion. I am a Jewish atheist, and there are plenty of us.

As an anarchist, I would like to see all states dismantled.

Yes, I know arguing with the anonymous on Indymedia is a glue trap. I’m a sucker, what can I say?