Last Chance to Save World War 4 Report’s Monthly Edition!

Dear Readers:

We weren’t sure we were going to put out a March issue, but we received some very insightful material on Libya and the revolutions in the Arab world that we couldn’t resist helping to get out to a wider readership. We believe our offerings this month help articulate a principled anti-imperialist response to the crisis in North Africa—a question which has unfortunately occasioned much confusion on the left.

We are currently working on our redesign of the website, which we will hope to unveil later this month. We are still grappling with whether to continue the monthly magazine-style issue in the new format, or just the Daily Report news blog. Back in September, we put the question to you the readers, pledging that if we could raise $500 before the format change, we would keep the monthly edition going. One reader in Japan immediately contributed $100 towards that goal. After that, we received little response. So that still means nearly $400 to go.

It’s up to you, readers. If the monthly edition means something to you, please vote with your credit card or checkbook. This will be our last issue before we make a decision and switch to the new format. If we make our goal, even after six months, we will keep our pledge to maintain the monthly edition. And if you donate and we don’t make the goal, your money will still go towards sustaining our work—daily updates on the Arab revolutions, indigenous struggles in Latin America, and the forgotten wars waged by corporate-military empires around the world, as well as dissident-left perspectives marginalized by the mainstream and “alternative” media alike.

This September will mark our ten-year anniversary. We dare to hope that the current developments on the world stage mark a break with the dystopian dynamic of jihad-versus-GWOT that began with the 9-11 attacks. And we want to be there to help document this process as it unfolds, and to help move it, in our small but pointed way, in what we perceive to be the right direction.

Help us to do that.

Thank you, arigato, shukran and gracias,

Bill Weinberg

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