Electronic Iraq

Inside Iraq

Iraq Updates Iraq Slogger

Iraq Body Count

Iraq Coalition Casualty Count

Iraq Oil Report

Iraq Business News

Iraq Solidaridad

Al-Sumaria TV


Kurdish Media Kurdish Globe Rudaw (Kurdish news) Iraq Turkmen Front Christians of Iraq Assyrian International News Agency International Federation of Iraqi Refugees (IFIR) LAONF: Iraqi Nonviolence Group Iraq Sustainable Democracy Project Iraq Freedom Congress (IFC) Organization of Womens' Freedom in Iraq (OWFI)

Federation of Workers' Councils and Unions in Iraq (FWCUI)

General Federation of Workers' Councils and Unions in Iraq (GFWCUI)

General Federation of Iraqi Workers (GFIW)

General Union of Oil Employees in Basra—IFOU

Worker-Communist Party of Iraq (WCPI)

Left Worker-Communist Party of Iraq (LWCPI)

Worker-Communist Party of Kurdistan

NO-IFS: National Organization for the Iraqi Freedom Struggles




International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran

Organization for Women's Liberation in Iran (OWLI)

Iranian and Kurdish Women's Rights Organization (IKWRO)

Meydaan: Stop Stoning Forever

Havaar: Iranian Initiative Against War, Sanctions and State Repression

CASMII: Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran

IASWI: International Alliance in Support of Workers in Iran

CODIR: Committee for Defense of the Iranian People's Rights

Justice for Iranian Workers Iranian Workers' Solidarity Network Iran Labor Report

Iranian Progressives in Translation

Worker-Communist Party of Iran (WPI)

Worker-Communist Party of Iran blog

Communist Party of Iran (CPI)

Komalah: Communist Party of Iran (CPI) (Kurdish)

Neda News (Working Class Party of Iran in formation)

Green Party of Iran

Balochistan People's Party

Human Rights Activists in Iran

Iran Tribunal

Radio Zamaneh

Iran Visual News Corps

Iran Focus

Persian Journal

Payvand: Iran News, Directory and Bazar

Iran Press Service

Rooz Online




Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)

RAWA News: the reality of life in Afghanistan

RAWA News Archive: reports from fundamentalism-blighted Afghanistan

Afghan Women's Mission (US)

SAWA: Support Association for the Women of Afghanistan (Australia)

Women for Afghan Women

Afghanistan Rights Monitor

Khaama Press

Afghanistan Peace Organization

Afghans for Peace

Afghanistan Online

Afghan Network

Afghanistan Conflict Monitor

Rethink Afghanistan

The Long War Journal Pashto Resources

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan—Voice of Jihad




Kibush: Occupation Magazine

Alternative Information Center

Palestinian Centre for Human Rights

B'Tselem: Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories

Al-Haq: Defending Human Rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

Addameer: Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association

Association for Civil Rights in Israel

ICAHD: Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions

Monitoring Israeli Colonization Activities

Yesh Din: Volunteers for Human Rights

Adalah: Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel

HaMoked: Center for the Defense of the Individual

International Middle East Media Center

Middle East Monitor

Middle East Online

IMEU: Institute for Middle East Understanding

MERIP: Middle East Research & Information Project

Washington Report on Middle East Affairs

The Media Line: MidEast News Source

Ma'an News Agency

Palestine News Network

WAFA: Palestine News Agency


War in Context

Peace Now

Gush Shalom: Israeli Peace Bloc

Ta'ayush: Arab Jewish Partnership

Stop The Wall

Who Profits? Expsoing the Israeli Occupation Industry

Free Gaza Movement

Palestine Media Watch

Palestine Note

Palestine Telegraph

Electronic Intifada

Intifada: Voice of Palestine

Palestine Remembered: al-Nakba, 1948

Palestine Justice Network

BADIL: Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights

GISHA: Legal Center for Freedom of Movement

Gaza Gateway: Facts and Analysis About the Crossings

ISM: International Solidarity Movement

Global BDS Movement: Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions

Breaking the Silence: Israeli veterans speak

US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation

Jewish Voice for Peace

American Jews for a Just Peace

International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network

One Democratic State Group

New Jewish Resistance




DRUM: Desis Rising Up and Moving

Samar: South Asian Magazine for Action and Reflection

The Campaign to Stop Funding Hate

Coalition Against Genocide

Asia Pacific Forum: Progressive Pan-Asian Issues Radio Show

Asia Pacific Solidarity Network

South Asia Solidarity Initiative

PARC: Pacific Asia Resource Center

Kashmir News

The Baluch

Tamil Nation


GroundViews (Sri Lanka)

Asian Centre for Human Rights

Asian Human Rights Commission

South Asia Terrorism Portal

The Rising Nepal

APFA News: Independent Bhutan news portal

Democratic Voice of Burma

Burma Digest

Burma Campaign UK

Mizzima: Burma news

The Irrawaddy

Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (Burma)

Setara Institute for Democracy and Peace (Indonesia)

Tapol: Indonesia Human Rights Campaign

ETAN: East Timor and Indonesia Action Network

Free West Papua

West Papua Information Kit

West Papua Media Alerts

Aceh Links

Stop the Killings in the Philippines

Legal Rights and Natural Resources Center/Friends of the Earth Philippines

NUPL: National Union of People's Lawyers (Philippines)

Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF)

As A Whole Collective: anarchists in Mindanao



China Labor Watch

China Labour Bulletin

China Worker

Chinese Human Rights Defenders

Human Rights in China

Initiatives for China

Dui Hua Foundation

ChinaAid (Christian-oriented)

Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements in China

Caixin: China Economics & Finance

China Digital Times


Japan Focus

Japan Today

Japan — Fissures in the Planetary Apparatus

Zenko: National Assembly for Peace and Democracy (Japan)

Movement for Democratic Socialism (Japan)

Nodutdol for Korean Community Development

Korea Policy Institute

Inside North Korea

HRNK: Committee for Human Rights in North Korea

NKNet: Network for North Korean Democracy and Human Ritghs





Eurasia Review

Transitions Online

Central Asia Online

Institute for War and Peace Reporting

OSW: Centre for Eastern Studies

Forum 18 on religious freedom in the ex-Soviet republics

UzNews (Uzbekistan)

Muslim Uzbekistan

Gundogar: For Democracy and Human Rights in Turkmenistan

SMHRIC: Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Center

Free Tibet Campaign

International Campaign for Tibet News & Views on Tibet

Gangkyi: the Heart of Tibetans in Exile

Tibetan Review

Tibet Post

Tibet Daily

Tibet Society

Tibet Online

Tibetan Center for Human Rights & Democracy

Independent Tibet Network

Tibetan Youth Congress

Tibetan Government in Exile

Uyghur American Association

Uyghur Human Rights Project

World Uyghur Congress

Uyghur News

Kavkaz Center

Civil Georgia News from Nagorno-Karabakh

BIANet: progressive news from Turkey

World Bulletin (Turkey)

Southeast European Times

Dzeno Association: Roma news

On Gogol Boulevard: Neither East Nor West Alternative News Service (archive)

CIA: Centrum Informacji Anarchistycznej

The Balkans Pages: Anti-War and Human Rights Resources

Balkan Investigative Reporting Network

Balkan Decentralized Network

H-Alter (Croatia)

Balkan Witness

Bosnia News

Srebrenica Genocide Blog

We Remember the Bosnian Genocide

Kosova Live



Afrol News Service

Afrique en Ligne

TransAfrica Forum

Africa Renewal

Africa Action

Africa Speaks

Africa Arguments

Newstime Africa

New African

GRILA: Group for Research and Initiative for the Liberation of Africa

Pambazuka News: Weekly Forum for Social Justice in Africa

Enough Project to end genocide in Africa

Sudan Tribune

New Sudan Vision

Save Darfur

Darfur Information Center

Rescue Nubia

Nuba Survival

Geeska Afrika Online

Friends of the Congo

Congo Planet


Somalia War Monitor

Radio Mareeg

Shabelle Media Network

Radio Garowe Online

Somaliland Times

Somaliland Press

Somaliland American Council

SIRAG: Somaliland International Recognition Action Group

Walta Information Center


ECDAF Ethiopian Forum

Ethiopian Review

Ogaden Online

Ogaden News

Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) Oromo Forum

Oromia Support Group

Oromia Online Online Resource on Oromia

Anyuak Media

Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia

Eritrea Forum

Meskerem: Eritrean Opposition Website

Awate: Eritrean news, analysis & information

Asmarino Independent

African Liberation Forces of Mauritania (FLAM)




North Africa United

Algeria Watch

Algeria ISP

Ennahar Online

Feb 17th: Libyan Youth Movement

Libyan National Transitional Council

Libya Herald

Tripoli Post

Amazigh Cultural Association

Voix Berbères


Gouvernement Provisoire Kabyle (Algeria)

Tuareg Culture and News

Toumast Press

Mouvement National de Libération de L'Azawad (MNLA) (Mali)

Mouvement des Nigériens pour la Justice (MNJ) (Niger)

Front des Forces de Redressement (FFR) (Niger)

ARSO: Association for a free and fair Referendum in Western Sahara

Organization for Statehood & Freedom (Western Sahara)

Western Sahara Resource Center

Western Sahara Resource Watch

Sahara Press Service (official agency of the Saharawi Republic)

Magharebia: News & Views of the Maghreb (US Africa Command)



Weekly News Update on the Americas

Upside Down World

Center for International Policy—Americas Program

Latin America Bureau

NACLA: North American Congress on Latin America

LAWG: Latin America Working Group

WOLA: Washington Office on Latin America

COHA: Council on Hemispheric Affairs

LASC: Latin America Solidarity Coalition

ALAI: Latin American Information Agency

CIDH: Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

CEDEMA: Centro de Documentación de los Movimientos Armados

InSight: Organized Crime in the Americas

Just the Facts: Monitoring US security assistance to Latin America

School of the Americas Watch

Latin American & Caribbean Community Center

Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas

Latin America Press

Latin America News Dispatch

Narco News Bulletin


El Revolucionario


Minga Informativa

No a la Mina

Observatorio de Industrias Extractivas y Derechos Colectivos

Observatorio de Conflictos Mineros de America Latina

Agencia Matriz del Sur

Prensa Indígena

Rebanadas de Realidad







Mexico Independent Media Center

La Jornada


Frontera NorteSur

Borderland Beat

NarcoGuerra Times

La Otra División Del Norte

Mexico Solidarity Network

Mexico Labor News & Analysis

Comité Cerezo: Freedom for Mexican Political Prisoners

Comité Eureka: Defense of the Disappeared

LIMEDDH: Mexican League for the Defense of Human Rights

PRODH: Miguel Augustín Pro Juarez Human Rights Center

CMDPDH: Mexican Commission for Defense and Promotion of Human Rights

CCIODH: International Civil Human Rights Observation Commission

Tlachinollan: Human Rights Center of the Montaña

Wixarika: Huichol Art, History and Culture

Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca (APPO)

Popular Revolutionary Army (EPR)

Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN)

Radio Zapatista


CGT Chiapas

Enlace Civil: Link to indigenous Chiapas communities

SIPAZ: Servicio Internacional para la Paz

CIEPAC: Chiapas Investigative Center for Communitarian Action

FRAYBA: Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas Human Rights Center

Chiapas Independent Media Center



Rights Action: development news from Chiapas and Central America

Oil Watch Mesoamerica

ACERCA: Action for Community and Ecology in the Regions of Central America

Stop CAFTA Coalition

NISGUA: Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala

CEG: Centro de Estudios de Guatemala

CERIGUA: Centros de Reportes Informativos sobre Guatemala

CICIG: International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala

Coordinadora Nacional de Organizaciones Campesinas (CNOC—Guatemala)

Coordinación y Convergencia Nacional Maya Waqib' Kej

Guatemala Human Rights Updates

CISPES: Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador

US-El Salvador Sister Cities

Tendencia Revolucionaria Salvadoreña

Consejo Cívico de Organizaciones Populares e Indígenas de Honduras (COPINH)

Organizacion Fraternal Negra Hondureña (OFRANEH)

Frente Nacional de Resistencia Popular (FNRP)

Comité de Familiares de Detenidos Desaparecidos en Honduras (COFADEH)

Comité para la Defensa de Derechos Humanos en Honduras (CODEH)

Honduras Laboral

Solidarity with the People(s) of Honduras

Honduras Resiste

Honduras en Resistencia

Honduras Oye!

Honduras Coup 2009

Vos el Soberano: Contra el Golpe de Estado en Honduras

Revistazo: independent news from Honduras

Honduras Culture and Politics

Honduras Weekly

Nicaragua Network

Nuevo Diario, Managua

La Voz de Sandinismo

Inside Costa Rica

Tico Times


Panamá Profundo

Haiti Support Group

Haiti Action

Haïti Liberté

Other Worlds (Haiti)

ACN: Cuban News Agency


Caribbean Net News



Colombia Support Network

Colombia Action Network

Colombia Solidarity Campaign

Justice for Colombia

US Office on Colombia

Colombia Journal

Colombia Reports

Colombia Independent Media Center

Prensa Rural: News from Colombia's war zones

IPC Press Agency: Human rights news from Medellín

ANNCOL: New Colombia News Agency

Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC)

National Liberation Army (ELN)

Colombian@s por la Paz

Resistencia Civil Democratica

Movimiento Obrero Independiente Revolucionario (MOIR)

DHColombia: Red de Defensores No Instituciónalizados

Corporacíon Jurídica Libertad

Ruta Pacifica de Las Mujeres

CODHES: Consultoría para los Derechos Humanos y el Desplazamiento

Movimiento Nacional de Víctimas de Crímenes de Estado en Colombia

Razon Publica

Colombia: Desde los Márgenes

Verdad Abierta: paramilitares y conflicto armado en Colombia

Anarcol: anarchists in Bogotá

Red Juvenil: anti-militarists in Medellín

San José de Apartadó Peace Community

Fellowship of Reconciliation Colombia Program

Peace Brigades International—Colombia

Amigos de la Tierra Colombia

Etnias de Colombia

Mama Radio

National Indigenous Organization of Colombia (ONIC)

Indigenous Authorities of Colombia (AICO)

Regional Indigenous Council of Cauca (CRIC)

Association of Indigenous Cabildos of North Cauca (ACIN)

Indigenous Organization of Antioquia (OIA)

Association of Indigenous Cabildos of Chocó (OREWA)




Hands off Venezuela!


ABN: Agencia Bolivariana de Noticias

ANMCLA: Associación Nacional de Medios Comunitarios, Libres y Alternativos

El Libertario: Venezuelan anarchist journal

PROVEA: Programa Venezolano de Educación-Acción en Derechos Humanos



Enlace Indígena

Coordinadora Andina de Organizaciones Indígenas (CAOI)

Servindi: Servicios en Comunicación Intercultural

Defensa Territorios

Andina: Peruvian news agency

Andean Air Mail & Peruvian Times El Buscador del Peru

Coordinadora Nacional de Radio (Peru)

Pachamama Radio (Peru)

IDL Reporters (Peru)

Caretas (Peru)

APRODEH: Associacíon Pro Derechos Humanos (Peru)

Coordinadora Nacional de Derechos Humanos (Peru)

Democracia Global (Peru)

Mariátegui: la revista de las ideas (Peru)

Wauqi (Peru)

InfoRegión (Peru)

Nosotr@s Peru

Con Nuestro Perú


Stop Peru FTA

Confederación de Nacionalidades Indígenas del Perú (CONAIP)

Convención Nacional del Agro Peruano (CONVEAGRO)

Confederación Nacional de Comunidades del Perú Afectadas por la Minería (CONACAMI)

Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (CONAIE)

National Confederation of Campesino, Indigenous and Black Organizations of Ecuador (FENOCIN)

Hatarinchej: Ecuador Rising

Acción Ecológica (Ecuador)

Ecuador Solidarity Network

Bolivia Rising

Bolivia Transition Project

Bolivia Information Forum

Abiding in Bolivia

Bolivia Weekly

Bolivia Diary

Bolivia Prensa

FOBOMADE: Foro Boliviano sobre Medio Ambiente y Desarrollo

ANF: Agencia de Noticias Fides (Bolivia)

AINI: Agencia Intercultural de Noticias Indigenas de Bolivia

ABI: Agencia Boliviana de Información

Derechos Humanos Bolivia

Andean Information Network

The Democracy Center (Bolivia)

National Council of Ayllus and Markas of Qullasuyu (CONAMAQ)

Quechua Network


Mapuche International Link

Mapuche Territorial Alliance

Indigenous News (Chile)



Amazon Watch

Amazon Alliance

Rainforest Foundation

Rainforest Action Network

World Rainforest Movement

Mongabay: Tropical Rainforest Conservation news

Mariri Magazine: Voice of the Forest


Indigene Climate Alliance

Movimiento de Afectados por la Industria Petrolera en Países Amazónicos (MAIPPA)

Coordinadora de las Organizaciones Indígenas de la Cuenca Amazónica (COICA)

Coordenação das Organizações Indígenas da Amazônia Brasileira (COIAB)

Frente de Proteção Etnoambiental Vale do Javari (FPEVJ)

Inter-ethnic Association for the Development of the Peruvian Rainforest (AIDESEP)

Confederation of Amazonian Nationalities of Peru (CONAP)

Regional Organization of the Indigenous Peoples of Oriente (ORPIO)

International Indigenous Committee for the Protection of Amazon Peoples in Isolation (CIPIACI)

Native Federation of the Rio Madre de Dios (FENAMAD)


Central Asháninka del Rio Ene (CARE)

Machiguenga Council of the Río Urubamba (COMARU)

Kichwa Confederation of Ecuador (ECUARUNARI)

Confederation of Indigenous Peoples of the Oriente of Bolivia (CIDOB)

Matsés Tribal Organization

CEDIA: Center for the Development of the Indigenous Amazon

CIMI: Conselho Indigenista Missionário

IIAP: Peruvian Amazon Research Institute

DAR: Derecho, ambiente y recursos naturales (Peru)

RAL: Red Ambiental Loretana

Shinai: defending indigenous people in the Peruvian Amazon

Upper Amazon Conservancy

Western Amazon

Amazon Indians

Lucha Indigena




Indian Country Today

Indigenous Environmental Network

Censored News: Under-reported news from Native America

Akwesasne Counterspin

Unsettling America

High Country News

Turtle Talk

This Tide Has No Heartbeat

Assembly of First Nations (AFN)




Toward Freedom: A Progressive Perspective on World Events

Peacework: Global Thought and Local Action for Nonviolent Social Change


Global Voices Online

Global Post

Green Left Weekly

InterPress Service

World Press Review

World Countries News

World Politics Review




Daily Kos

The Raw Story

All Voices

Color Lines

Non-Aligned News Network

Voltaire Network

DESIP: Demographic, Environmental, and Security Issues Project

ENS: Environment News Service

ISN: International Relations and Security Network

IRIN: Integrated Regional Information Networks


Global Security

Global Policy Forum

Global Justice Ecology Project

Focus on the Global South

Third World Network

Via Campesina


International Forum on Globalization

Center for International Policy

Institute for Policy Studies

Project on Defense Alternatives

Foreign Policy in Focus

Transnational Institute

Food First

The Oakland Institute

New Economics Foundation



Survival International

Cultural Survival

EarthRights International

Minority Rights Group International

UNPO: Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization

GALDU: Resource Center for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

FPcN InterCultural: defenders of free tribal life

Society for Threatened Peoples

Peoples of the World Foundation

Center for World Indigenous Studies

Indigenous Peoples Issues & Resources

Indigenous Portal

Indigenous People

First Perspective

World Movements for Regional Autonomy

Aboriginal News Group

Intercontinental Cry

The Speed of Dreams

Genocide Watch

Prevent Genocide


The Crimes of War Project



Oil Change International

Oil Watch

The Oil Drum

Cars Suck!

World Car-free Network

Public Citizen

Energy Justice Network

NIRS: Nuclear Information and Resource Service

Citizens Awareness Network:

Mines and Communities

Trade Justice

ICTSD: International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development

Farm Land Grab



International Labor Organization

International Trade Union Confederation

International Labor Rights Forum Fair Labor Association National Labor Committee

Labor Notes




Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Union of Concerned Scientists

Arms Control Association

EarthTrends: World Resources Institute

Planet Earth Online

Climate Justice Action

Climate Justice Now

Act for Climate Justice

Climate SOS

Climate Crisis Coalition

Climate Ground Zero

Rising Tide: Confronting the Root Causes of Climate Change

RealClimate: Climate science from climate scientists

Climate and Capitalism

Climate Progress

Climate Voices

Planet Extinction

The Extinction Protocol

The Watchers: Watching the World Evolve and Transform

Far North Science

Barents Observer

Ozone Depletion — Science News

Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space

Test Your Geography Knowledge

University of Texas, Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection

Maps of the World


Nations Online Project


Flags of the World

International Boundaries Research Unit

Disputed Territories

Inventory of Conflict & Environment

Statoids: Administrative Divisions of Countries

State Abbreviations

State County Maps

Ethnologue: Languages of the World

KMLA World History pages


Nine Planets Solar System Tour



Amnesty International

Human Rights Watch

Human Rights First

International Federation of Human Rights


World Organization Against Torture

Witness Against Torture

Frontline Defenders

Equipo Nizkor

Proyecto Desaparecidos

Defending Dissent Foundation

Center for Constitutional Rights

The Constitution Project

National Lawyers Guild

American Civil Liberties Union

New York Civil Liberties Union

Committee to Protect Journalists

IFEX: International Freedom of Expression Exchange

Index on Censorship

Reporters Without Borders

Immigration News Briefs

The Politics of Immigration

Jurist: Legal News & Research

UN Human Rights page

ICRC guide to International Humanitarian Law



Stop the Drug War

Drug Policy Action Network

International Center on Human Rights and Drug Policy

Transnational Institute on Drugs and Democracy

Criminal Justice Policy Foundation

NORML: National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws

Marijuana Policy Project

Global Ganja Report



War Resisters League

United for Peace and Justice

US Labor Against the War

September Eleventh Families for Peaceful Tomorrows

Military Families Speak Out

Iraq Veterans Against the War

Courage to Resist

Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors

Center on Conscience & War

Arms and Security Initiative

War Resisters International


RightWeb: Exposing the architecture of power that's changing our world Political Research Associates

POCLAD: Program on Corporations, Law and Democracy

CELDF: Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund

Reclaim Democracy!

Common Cause

Demos: Ideas & Action


Searchlight Magazine: Against Racism and Fascism

Anti-Racist Action

Southern Poverty Law Center

Antifascist Calling...

Three-Way Fight

The Third Camp

Contested Terrain


A-infos: Anarchist News Service

Anarchist News dot org

Anarchist International Information Service

Nodo50: Contrainformación el la Red

La Haine: Proyecto de desobedencia informativo


The New Significance

A New World in Our Hearts (NYC)

Anarchist Yellow Pages

Interactivist Info Exchange

Infoshop: Your Online Guide to Anarchy

The Shadow: Radical News from Manhattan's Lower East Side

Slingshot (Berkeley)

The Defenestrator (Philadelphia)

Upping the Anti (Canada) (Italy)

Spunk Library

The Anarchist Library

Anarchy Archives


AK Press

Workers Solidarity Alliance

International Workers Association (IWA/AIT)

Anarcho-Syndicalism: Class Struggle Online Libertarian Communism

News & Letters: Marxist-Humanism

Marxist-Humanist Initiative

US Marxist-Humanists

The Hobgoblin

Workers' Liberty

Midnight Notes

The Socialist Webzine

Marxists Internet Archive (orthodox but non-sectarian)

In Defense of Marxism (sectarian but comprehensive)


Mediastudy: analysis and resources

Free Press: reform media, transform democracy

FAIR: Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting

PR Watch: Center for Media and Democracy

Media Matters for America

Editor & Publisher

Columbia Journalism Review

Reclaim the Media

Media Channel

The Global Beat: Resources for the Global Journalist

Independent Media Center

New York Independent Media Center

Independent Press Association—New York

New America Media


Free.The.Media!: Art Activism and Technology


9-11 Guide

9-11 Myths

Debunking 9-11 Conspiracy Theories

Debunking 9-11 Myths (Popular Mechanics)

NIST Fact Sheet on the World Trade Center

NOVA: Building on Ground Zero

Skyscraper Safety Campaign

World Trade Center - Some Engineering Aspects (University of Sydney)

Screw Loose Change



The Holy Qur'an

IRFI: Islamic Research Foundation International

DILP: Digital Islamic Library Project

ISNA: Islamic Society of North America

CAIR: Council on American-Islamic Relations

MAS: Muslim American Society

World Muslim Congress

Muslim Advocates

Islamophobia Watch

Islam Denounces Antisemitism

Secular Islam

Progressive Islam

Muslims for Secular Democracy (India)

Muslim Wake Up!

Islamic Philosophy Online

Jafariya Shia News Website

Al Risala Forum International: Islamic nonviolence

Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat

Ahmadiyya Times

Sufi News & World Report

Baha'i World News Service

Encyclopaedia of the Orient

Jewish Virtual Library

European Jewish Press

Heeb magazine: the New Jew Review

Jewcy — Judeo-hipsters with attitude

Zeek: A Jewish Journal of Thought and Culture

Failed Messiah: covering Orthodox Judaism since 2004


New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia

National Catholic Reporter

Spero News

MISNA: Missionary International Service News Agency

Ecumenical News International

Catholic Worker Movement

Religious Intelligence

Bartholomew's notes on religion

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