WW4 REPORT makes David Irving’s website

The bigtime at last! It seems my commentary on the Lipstadt/Irving affair has been posted on the vile Irving’s very own website! You’ve got to give him credit for airing the views of even those who hate his filthy crypto-Nazi guts, and for doing so with only the most subtle, non-verbal commentary.

I just love the way he put the words "notorious" and "supposed" in red, as if the use of such loaded adjectives reflects poorly on my objectivity. What an honor to be upbraided by this icon of disinterested scholarship!

(Special note for the sarcasm-challenged: the above paragraph was intended to be loaded with it. You can never be too careful these days.)

  1. C-SPAN Episode: Lipstadt / Irving Libel Trial (Online Video)

    C-SPAN Lipstadt/Irving Libel Trial

    Description: Book TV presents a look at the 2000 libel trial between World War II writer David Irving and Emory University professor Deborah Lipstadt. The trial is detailed in Dr. Lipstadt’s newest book, “History on Trial.” Guests include T.R. Reid of the Washington Post, who covered the trial, as well as video clips of Deborah Lipstadt and David Irving. Historian John Lukacs is also interviewed.

    Trial Transcripts
    Court Judgment
    Coverage by The Guardian Newspaper
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    Letter from the David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies
    PBS’s Nova: Holocaust on Trial
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    Richard Cohen’s June 4, 1996 Washington Post Column
    Richard Cohen’s March 15, 2005 Washington Post Column

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    D.D. Guttenplan’s The Holocaust on Trial – (Granta Books, 2001)
    Ayal Rosenberg’s Denial c. 2004 – a fictional account of the trial – (Seven Locks Press, 2004)
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