World War 4 Report House Band to play Lower East Side

The World War 4 Report House Band, featuring Subcommander Pogo, will play Otto’s Shrunken Head, 538 East 14th St. (near Ave. B) on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, Sunday Dec. 12 at 5:30 PM. If you missed the politically didactic power trio’s premier performance at the World War 4 Report benefit in June, this is your chance. Other bands to follow on the bill include Iconicide, Fast Lane and Damn Kids. World War 4 Report‘s recent inactivity has been due to a state of force majeure imposed by circumstances beyond our control. We are working to get back to daily updates as soon as possible—hopefully next week. Meanwhile, we thank our comrades at Weekly News Update on the Americas for their recent posts on Mexico, Central America and Haiti. If all goes as planned, we will be putting out a monthly issue on Jan. 1, and also switching to a new—more graphically exciting and user-friendly—format around then. So please stay tuned. If you wish to speed our recovery and transition to the new format, please make a donation, large or small. One reader in Japan has contributed $100 towards our end-of-the-year goal of $500, which we announced when we went on autumn hiatus in September. So that makes $400 to go. Any contributions at all will be encouraging.

  1. Subcommander Pogo rocks the LES…

  2. Sing along with Subcommander Pogo
    This is the dawning of the AGE OF THE ROBOTS…

    The robots… They took away my work
    The robots… They make me feel like a jerk
    The robots… They’re all I can get on the phone
    The robots… Why don’t they leave me alone?
    The robots… They fight in Iraq
    The robots… They took this world and they won’t give it back

    This is the dawning of the AGE OF THE ROBOTS…

    The robots… They can hear and think and see
    The robots… They have more rights than me
    The robots… They give the word and I must obey
    The robots… How many buttons will I have to push today?
    The robots… They got inside my head
    The robots… They’re even in my bed

    This is the dawning of the AGE OF THE ROBOTS…

    [Scorching guitar solo here]

    Why must I be… OPPRESSED BY ROBOTS?

    The robots… They make me feel like a jerk!

    Copyright 2010, World War 4 Report