US bombs Pakistan —again?

A suicide bomber rammed an explosives-packed vehicle into a police station in Pakistan’s northwestern Swat valley Oct. 16, killing three officers and wounding 15. (Reuters, Oct. 16). Later that day, a suspected US missile struck a house in Tapargai, South Waziristan, killing one suspected foreign militant and injuring another, Pakistani officials said. Local residents reported seeing unmanned aircraft in the sky before and after the attack. (AP, Oct. 16)

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  1. Al-Qaeda biggie whacked in Waziristan attack?
    While the US remains mum, the New York Times reports Oct. 18 that among those killed in the Tapargai drone attack was Khalid Habib, “described by the Central Intelligence Agency as the fourth-ranking person in the Qaeda hierarchy.” The paper identifies him as an Egyptian—despite previously identifying him as a Moroccan. There have also been reports of his death before.

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