UN rights chief: ‘terror and slaughter’ in Aleppo

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein on Dec. 13 accused  Syrian pro-government forces of going door-to-door and systematically killing civilians in at least four neighborhoods of the re-taken city of Aleppo. The killings have reportedly resulted in at least the deaths of 82 civilians, including 13 children. The situation on the ground is causing residents to take to social media to relate what is happening and give good-byes to friends and loved ones. The commissioner pleaded with the international community to act to call a halt to the stopping the killing of civilians.

The crushing of Aleppo, the immeasurably terrifying toll on its people, the bloodshed, the wanton slaughter of men, women and children, the destruction—and we are nowhere near the end of this cruel conflict. What can happen next, if the international community continues to collectively wring its hands, can be much more dangerous. What is happening with Aleppo could repeat itself in Douma, in Raqqa, in Idleb. We cannot let this continue.

Also Dec. 13 Amnesty International said that reports of execution-style killings in Aleppo point to war crimes.

From Jurist, Dec. 13. Used with permission.

  1. NYC vigil for Aleppo

    What was billed as a candlelight vigil for Aleppo in front of the Russian UN mission in Manhattan the evening of Dec. 13 spontaneously turned into more of an angry demonstration, with some 200 behind police barricades chanting against Assad and Putin. Most attendees were metro-area Syrians and Arabs, with a favored chant being that of the 2011 Arab Revolution, "The people want the downfall of the regime."

    There was little presence from the city's anti-war activst community. A second such demonstration, dubbed NYC Stands With Aleppo, is called for Washington Square Park, this Friday Dec. 16 at 4 PM. Will the War Resisters League be there?