Swedish prosecutor to probe oil company complicity in Sudan war crimes

Sweden‘s international prosecutor, Magnus Elving, announced June 21 that he would investigate the possible role of Lundin Petroleum in crimes against humanity committed in Sudan from 1997 to 2003. The investigation will examine allegations made in a report released by the European Coalition on Oil in Sudan (ECOS), which alleged that Sudanese troops attacked and displaced civilians so that Lundin could have access to land for oil drilling.

The ECOS contends that by launching exploration in an unstable area, Lundin exacerbated the violence in the region, leading to widespread displacement and killing of civilians. Elving indicated the aim of the investigation is to determine if any individual can be held responsible for any of the alleged crimes. Sweden’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Carl Bildt will likely be included in the investigation, due to his role as a member of Lundin’s board of directors from 2001 to 2006. Lundin’s chairman has denied the allegations included in the ECOS report and contends that Lundin actually helped bring peace and stability to Sudan.

From Jurist, June 21. Used with permission.

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