Spain: high court confirms trial for judge Garz贸n over Franco probe

The Criminal Chamber of Spain‘s Supreme Court unanimously confirmed on Sept. 7 a lower court finding that National Court judge Baltasar Garz贸n abused his power and must face trial. Garz贸n was charged in April for his attempt to investigate the war crimes allegedly committed under Francisco Franco during the Spanish Civil War鈥攃harges Garz贸n claims were politically motivated. The board of judges denied Garz贸n’s appeal of the order, and he will now face trial later this year. The judges found that the witnesses called by Garz贸n will produce merely personal opinions and also determined that exhumation of 19 mass graves that Garz贸n ordered in 2008 was inappropriate. The ruling comes just days after an Argentine court reopened an investigation into Franco-era war crimes.

From Jurist, Sept. 7. Used with permission.