Somalia: 3,000 demonstrate against Ethiopia, US and UN

From Radio HornAfrik, Mogadishu, in Somali, Dec. 8 (awkward translation as provided by BBC Monitoring):

Somalia: Demonstration against deployment of foreign troops held in Mogadishu

[Presenter] A demonstration condemning the UN Security Council’s decision to deploy foreign troops in Somalia took place in Koonis Stadium in mogadishu today. Aweys Fodey has the details.

[Fodey] The demonstration attended by people estimated to be more than 3,000 strongly opposed the deployment of foreign troops in Somalia. The demonstrators shouted: Allahu akbar and We will not accept foreign troops.

On the east side of the stadium were women in hijab who carrying light weapons while shouting Allahu akbar. The demonstrators and officials of the Islamic courts were delighted by students from Banaadir schools armed with light weapons and who stated that they were ready to take part in jihad and confront foreign troops.

The chairman of the Executive Committee of the Council of Islamic Courts, Shaykh Sharif Shaykh Ahmad, who addressed the demonstrators said foreign troops had massacred people in Somalia before and those sanctioned by the UN Security Council would also massacre Somali people. Shaykh Sharif Shaykh Ahmad vowed that the Islamic courts would defend the victories they had scored and said shari’ah law would continue to be implemented. He issued a call to the prime minister of Ethiopia, Meles Zenawi, and president Bush. [Poor recording of sharif’s speech].

The demonstration which was organized by the office of the Uprising for the Defence of the Faith and the Country was also addressed by the head of security for the Council of Islamic Courts, Shaykh Yusuf Muhammad Siyad Indha Adde, and other officials of the Islamic courts. They all condemned the decision by the UN Security Council to deploy foreign troops in Somalia. Security around Koonis Stadium where the demonstration took place was tightened.

Note that Reuters reported a similar rally Dec. 4. See our last post on the Horn of Africa.