Pakistan: militants down CIA drone?

A US drone was shot down by Taliban militants March 7 in Pakistan’s South Waziristan tribal district, officials and residents said. The drone reportedly crashed in the Angoor Adda area, which has witnessed several missile strikes by pilotless aircraft as well as an apparent incursion last year by US-led coalition forces from Afghanistan. Pakistani officials are said to be searching for the wreckage. A drone was reported to have crashed near Angoor Adda in September. (PTI, March 7)

Three separate bombings killed 15 people in northwestern Pakistan that same day. A car bomb in North West Frontier Province’s Badaber area, where security forces had recently evicted militants, left seven police and a bystander dead. A roadside bomb killed three civilians and wounded four troops in the town of Darra Adam Khel, NWFP. In the Khyber tribal district, a suicide bomber killed four and wounded five at a mosque that served as a headquarters for the militant group Ansarul Islam—said to be the rival of another extremist group, Lashkar-e-Islam. (AP, March 7)

The bombings come days after gunmen attacked Sri Lanka’s visiting cricket team in Lahore, injuring several and sparking a diplomatic crisis. (Hindustan Times, March 7)

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  1. Drones
    These drones do a good job. Pakistan is a busted @rse country on the edge of anarchy. The people of Pakistan do not seem to have the will or ability to do anything about it. so lets hope the drones succeed.

    1. How interesting
      Pakistan is “a busted @rse country on the edge of anarchy” whose people “do not seem to have the will or ability to do anything about it.” Therefore the US should bomb them, busting a few more @rses and hastening their descent into “anarchy.”

      What flawless logic.