Mexico: farmers blockade government offices in Chihuahua

More than 250 farmers with tractors and work trucks gathered in Ciudad Chihuahua’s Plaza Hidalgo Jan. 27 to protest the high cost of diesel fuel and the lack of opportunity in Mexico’s agricultural sector, blockading the entrances to Chihuahua state office buildings before beginning a sit-in outside the federal Agriculture Secretariat. They intend to caravan north and arrive at the border city of Ciudad Juárez later this week to blockade the international bridge to El Paso, TX.

Demands for meetings with the governor and other state officials went unanswered, but there were no arersts. Participating organization included the Rural Reactivation Movement, El Barzón, the Democratic Campesino Front, the National Campesino Confederation and the National Agrodynamic Organization. (El Pueblo, Chihuahua, Jan. 29; Heraldo de Chihuahua, Jan. 28)

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