Mexico creates justice commission for Yaqui people


Mexican President Andr茅s Manuel L贸pez Obrador has signed a decree that sets up a Justice Commission for the Yaqui People, seeking to resolve problems of land, water, health, education and infrastructure faced by the indigenous group. The decree was signed Aug. 6 during a visit by L贸pez Obrador to the Yaqui community of V铆cam, in Guaymas municipaliy, Sonora state. The decree seeks to redress a long history of oppression, massacres, slavery and land theft faced by the Yaqui. L贸pez Obrador said that the Yaqui have been聽Mexico’s most persecuted indigenous group, stating, “All the original inhabitants suffered robbery, but no people suffered as much as the Yaqui.” The president also said that he had agreed to modify the route of the planned Guaymas-El Oro gas pipeline that was supposed to run through Yaqui territory.

On creating the commission, L贸pez Obrador said, “[W]e are not going to betray you, we are not going to fail you, we are going to fulfill all our commitments,” calling it mandate of “historical justice.”

From Jurist, Aug. 10. Used with permission.

Note: Yaqui protests over the聽Guaymas-El Oro pipeline turned violent in 2016. Also at issue in the territory is the聽“Independence Aqueduct” that would divert water from the R铆o Yaqui to the Sonora state capital Hermosillo.

Photo via Articulo 19