Kenya suspect to Gitmo

Abdul Malik, an al-Qaeda suspect accused of involvement in terrorist attacks in Kenya in 2002 has been handed over to US custody by Kenyan authoirites and transported to Guantanamo Bay due to the “significant threat” he represented, said Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman. He said Malik has admitted involvement in a hotel bombing and for trying to shoot down an Israeli jetliner with 271 people on board. The attack on Mombassa’s Hotel Paradise, a resort popular with Israeli tourists, killed over a dozen people. Malik is the first detainee to be transferred to Guantanamo since September 2006, when 14 al-Qaeda suspects arrived from secret US prisons overseas. Whitman said Malik was held at US military prisons before being taken to Guantanamo, not secret CIA prisons. (AlJazeera, March 27)

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