Jewish “sleeper cells” threaten America: Pollard prosecutor

We’ve always maintained that anti-Semitism and anti-Arab racism are genetically linked phenomena. A lovely illustration is provided by Joseph E. DiGenova, the prosecutor in the Jonathan Pollard case, following the latest bust in the endless Israeli spy scandal—of octogenarian former US Army mechanical engineer Ben-Ami Kadish, for crimes supposedly committed back in the ’80s. DiGenova uses precisely the same lurid phraseology employed against supposed Arab and Muslim terrorists. From YNet, April 24 (emphasis added):

Pollard prosecutor: Spy arrest shows Israel lied to US
The arrest of Ben-Ami Kadish, accused of passing US military secrets to the same handler as convicted spy Jonathan Pollard, confirms that the espionage ring was larger than previously believed and that the Israelis lied about it, a former US prosecutor says.

“The similarities are quite eerie,” said Joseph E. DiGenova, the US attorney who oversaw the 1980s-era Pentagon spy scandal that ensnared Pollard. “This was a much larger espionage operation with sleeper cells in the United States than we understood or could have known at the time,” DiGenova said.

Citing court papers, DiGenova said Pollard’s handler, Yosef Yagur, used the same methods with Kadish that he did with Pollard, finding a US Citizen with security clearance to take classified materials from the workplace and letting him copy them.

DiGenova said he and other investigators in the 1980s were convinced there were other Americans involved in the espionage. “It was obvious they had other people supplying the information so they could target the finds,” he said. “You want to protect your ultimate source.”

25 years later
Charles S. Leeper, a former assistant US attorney who was the lead trial attorney in the Pollard case, called the Kadish case fascinating. “I am not aware of any other case where the government has brought espionage charges more than 25 years after the conduct in question,” he said.

DiGenova said the charges can be brought so long after the fact because the case can be viewed as a continuing conspiracy based on communications between Yagur and Kadish. “He was an agent in place then, and he’s an agent in place now,” he said.

Earlier, IsraeliForeign Ministry spokesman Aryeh Mekel said the events in question dated back to the early 1980s, and that since then there has been much care taken to observe the directives of the prime ministers not to engage in any activities of this type in the US.

Kadish, a US Army veteran, was arrested Tuesday and charged with conspiracy. He was released on $300,000 bail, but could face a possible death sentence on the charge.

Caroline Glick comments in the Jerusalem Post:

Sleeper cells? You mean agents sent to a country to lay in wait for the command to attack? Well, not exactly.

DiGenova made his name as the federal prosecutor who railroaded Pollard into a life sentence for crimes that generally should have netted him no more than a few years in the slammer. Obviously he has a way with words. And when he told The New York Times “sleeper cells,” apparently he was referring to the FBI agents who went to sleep for 23 years and then suddenly woke up and decided to cart an old man out of his nursing home and charge him with capital crimes.

OK, she’s got a point. But she still implies that America has nothing to worry about from Israel, while those Arab terrorists are the real threat. (Despite the fact that most recent high-profile anti-terrorism cases in the US have been utterly specious.) The usual divide-and-conquer trip that Goy Power has been running on the Semites for at least a century. As we’ve stated before:

“Classical” anti-Semitism and contemporary anti-Arab racism are genetically linked phenomena. The fallacy is that just because one exists, the other doesn’t. On the contrary, the prominence of one should be seen as evidence that the other isn’t far behind.

Unfortunately, Jews and Arabs themselves overwhelmingly buy into this fallacy. While white Judeophobes and Arabophobes are never really as far apart as they superficially seem… And often explicitly overlap.

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