Jemaah Islamiyah funds Mindanao insurgents?

Supposed Jemaah Islamiyah leader Abu Dujana was arrested June 9 by Indonesia’s elite anti-terrorist Detachment 88 in a raid in the southern Java town of Yogyakarta, authorities say. The reportedly Afghan-trained Dujana is accused of assisting and harboring Jemaah Islamiyah militants Ali Ghufron, now on death row for leading the October 2002 Bali bombings; Azahari Husin, who was killed in a police raid in 2005; and the fugitive Noordin Moh Top. He is also accused of moving arms and supporting militants in conflicted Sulawesi. Additionally, authorities also they have uncovered evidence that Dujana repeatedly wired money to the Philippines, and assert a link to Islamist insurgents on Mindanao. (Balita News, June 15)

Abu Dujana is supposed to have taken over leadership of Jemaah Islamiyah from Riduan Isamuddin, or “Hambali,” arrested in Thailand in 2003. See WW44 #95.

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  1. Another Jemaah Islamiyah leader busted
    Another leader of Jemaah Islamiah, who goes by the single name of Zarkasih, was captured in Yogyakarta, Indonesian authorities have revealed. While Abu Dujana was said to head the military wing of Jemaah Islamiah, Zarkasih was supposed to be its political leader. (Radio New Zealand, June 17; NYT, June 16)