Italian anarchist on prison hunger strike


Supporters are warning that Italian anarchist militantĀ Alfredo Cospito is in danger of dying in prison after more than a month on hunger strike.Ā Cospito, being held atĀ Bancali prison inĀ Sassari, Sardinia, began his hunger strike Oct. 20 to protest the inhumane conditions he faces under Article 41-bis of the Italian legal code, with harsh restrictions on his mobility and communication with loved ones, and no prospects for a review of his life sentence. TheĀ European Court of Human Rights in 2019 ruled thatĀ Article 41-bis, designed for terrorist and Mafia-related cases, violates theĀ EuropeanĀ Convention on Human Rights.

Cospito is charged in a May 2012 attack onĀ an industrialist inĀ Genoa.Ā Roberto Adinolfiā€”senior executive of engineering group Ansaldo Nucleare, a division of aerospace and defense giant FinmeccanicaĀ (now named Leonardo)ā€”was shot in the leg by a gunman on a motorbike. A group called the “Olga Nucleus” of theĀ Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI) claimed responsibility for theĀ attentat. (Dinamo Press, Napoli Monitor, Jurist, Enough14,Ā BBC News)

Cospito’s manifesto, read aloud upon his conviction and online at The Anarchist Library, reveals him as an exponent of the “anti-civilization” or primitivist wing of the European armed left.

Photo:Ā Dinamo Press

  1. Italy on alert amid anarchist scare

    ImprisonedĀ anarchist militant Alfredo Cospito was moved to special facility in Milan afterĀ refusing food for more than 100 days. Italy’s authorities are blaming his supporters for a string of vandalism attacks onĀ ItalianĀ diplomatic targets in various European cities, and pledging “no negotiations” in the face of “violence.”Ā (The Independent, BBC News, CNS,Ā AA,Ā Ā ANSA)