Israeli air-strikes across Gaza

Israeli warplanes carried out a series of airstrikes on targets in Gaza City late March 24, injuring one person, witnesses and medical personnel said. Drones fired four missiles at the Palestinian Authority intelligence headquarters and an Al-Qassam Brigades site. Warplanes carried out raids on an agricultural area east of Beit Hanoun and four artillery shells were fired around the Karni crossing. One young man was injured by shrapnel, medical sources said. He was taken to Ash-Shifa Hospital for treatment of light wounds. An Israeli military spokeswoman said the airstrikes targeted a “terror activity site” in northern Gaza. The attack came in response to the barrage of projectiles fired at Israel in the past week, she added. (Maan News Agency, March 23)

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  1. Israel answers peace offer with deadly air-strikes
    An Israeli air strike killed two people in the Gaza Strip on March 27, medics said. The strikes came a day after Gaza militants resolved at a meeting that they were committed to calming tensions if Israel reciprocated. Hamas official Ismail Radwan told reporters after a two-hour meeting with Islamic Jihad and other factions that “we are committed to calm as long as the occupation (Israel) commits to it.” (Middle East Online, March 27)

  2. War can not bring any good
    War can not bring any good for mankind. It is a curse of science. During any war anywhere the sufferings know no bound-innumerable people including men, women, and children are killed like insignificant animals, important establishments are ruined, agricultural lands are destructed leaving a long term vulnerable affects. Apparently the weakest side faces more loss in a war but the stronger side also wastes their money and other resources in war; as a result, it faces economic crisis. Let’s all raise our flag against war. We want peace, not loan consolidation