Iraq Freedom Congress rejects “national reconciliation”

A statement from the Iraq Freedom Congress, June 26:

Dissolving Al-Maliki Government Rather than Initiating ‘National Reconciliation’
Is the solution for ending the Iraqis’ Burdens

The pro-occupation prime minister of Iraq has come up with an initiative to end the violence, naming it National Reconciliation.

The National Reconciliation means, in the view of Al-Maliki, the redistribution of the country’s wealth and power among the nationalist and Islamic (both Shiite and Sunni sects). It is a conciliation among powers who killed and beheaded along with the occupying troops thousands of civilians.

This initiative is an attempt to disavow the main problem in Iraq which is the occupation that caused “Iraqi People Sufferings” as the PM says. Therefore any talks about peace and security is a void as long as the occupation continues.

Besides; how is it possible for a sectarian government to bring about peace and stability? The government itself is implicated through its militia in committing crimes against humanity. The establishment of a government based on quota system has initiated a sectarian division and false identity on Iraqis which pushed the society towards a sectarian violence.

The National Reconciliation is born dead because it is a government maneuver to hide the crimes committed by its militias on a daily bases.

We say it constantly; without ending the occupation and its establishments the security and stability will not prevail.

Iraq Freedom Congress

June 26, 2006

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