International day of action for arrested Iranian students: Dec. 28

From the Committee for the Freedom of the University Students, support group for dissident students at Amir Kabir University of Technology (formerly Tehran Polytechnic), Dec. 19:

Turn December 28 Into An International Day of Protest Against the Arrests of Students In Iran
It has been two weeks since 43 students and political activists from Iran’s universities were either abducted in the middle of the night on Dec. 2 or arrested during various commemorations of Students Day on Dec. 7 and then imprisoned.

False charges such as threatening national security or planning bombings have been created against those arrested. Their crime is nothing but the defense of freedom and equality, opposition to the militarist atmosphere imposed by the government, support for the university and not military barracks, support for humanity and justice, raising the banner of opposition to war, militarism, sexism, and support for workers’ unity.

The condition of political prisoners in sections 209 and 335 of Evin prison is grave. Daily, we have been receiving terrible news concerning their endangered health. Our friends are under the most extreme physical and mental tortures. They have not been given the right to contact their families. Their attorneys have not been able to meet with them. These imprisoned students have been denied the most basic rights.

This treatment of students by the Islamic Republic has faced global protest. Amnesty International has officially protested the arrests. The head of the European Parliament has demanded the immediate release of the arrested students. During the past two weeks, hundreds of letters of solidarity from around the world have reached us. Various actions and protests around the world have taken place against this barbaric behavior.

To strengthen the movement for the release of the imprisoned students, an international action has to be organized. Toward this aim, we are declaring December 28, 2007 to be the international day of protest against the arrests of students in Iran. We are asking all organizations, institutions and international authorities to express their protest against the continuing arrests on this day and demand the immediate release of Iranian students. Your extensive protests outside Iran will strengthen our opposition force inside Iranian society and will lead to the speedy release of our fellow students.

The movement for freedom and equality inside Iran needs more support from you.

Long Live Freedom, Long Live Equality.

The Seeking Committee for the Freedom of the University Students
December 19, 2007

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