Hui Muslims targeted in Kazakhstan ethnic clashes


At least eight people were killed, dozens injured and nearly 50 homes and shops set on fire┬áin ethnic clashes that broke out┬áin a border region of Kazakhstan Feb. 8. The fighting was centered in┬áMasanchi village┬áin┬áKordai district┬áof southern┬áZhambyl province (also rendered Jambyl), near the border with Kyrgyzstan.┬áEthnic Kazakhs reportedly set upon members of the Dungan minority group and Hui Muslims, related┬ágroups that migrated from China in the 19th century and are more numerous across the border in┬áKyrgyzstan. Rioters also fought with police when they tried to intervene. While it is unclear what sparked the violence, rumors and incitement on social media appear to have played a role.┬áInterior Minister Yerlan Turgumbayev said: “Provocateurs…called for violence through social networks. Hooligans used rebar, stones and other implements. Police officers sustained numerous injuries, two received gunshot wounds. Seven people have been detained and two hunting rifles have been confiscated.” (BBC News, Al Jazeera, Reuters, EurasiaNet)

Map: Perry-Casta├▒eda Library