Greek Parliament passes austerity measures in wake of deadly unrest

The Greek Parliament passed a package of austerity measures on May 6, one day before leaders of the 16-member euro-zone meet in Brussels to discuss final details of a rescue package for the Hellenic Republic. But with protesters gathering outside Parliament’s doors, the measure’s passage sparked fears of a long summer of social unrest. The deaths of three bank workers in a fire set by protesters May 5 has polarized Greece. (Tehran Times, May 8)

Communiques from Greek anarchists indicate that management of the Marfin bank had locked the employees inside during the 200,000-strong protest march, which co-incided with a one-day general strike. Moments after the fire, the anarchist squat on Zaimi Street was raided by the police, with eye-witnesses reporting the police shot bullets and threw hand-grenades inside the building. All 70 inside were arrested, with 25 facing charges. Just before the raid, riot police attacked a cafe where anarchists gather on Exarcheia Square. Video footage shows police smashing the facade of the cafe even though there are people inside. (In translation at Occupied London)

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  1. More bomb blasts in Greece
    A powerful bomb exploded inside a courthouse in the northern Greek city of Thessaloniki May 14, wounding one person. Police had evacuated most of the building after a newspaper received an anonymous call warning that a bomb had been planted in the basement. It was the second bombing in two days, after a blast May 13 outside a prison in Athens also wounded one person. (AP, May 14)