Globophobes rock Halifax

Twenty-one protesters who were arrested at an anti-trade protest in Halifax, Nova Scotia, June 15 were released on the 18th on conditions that they do not return to the protest lines. Authorities said they faced a variety of charges, including assaulting police, mischief and weapons-related offences. Protests against a Halifax conference to promote the “Atlantica” free trade zone proposal turned violent when about 50 yooung people dressed in black and wearing balaclavas broke away from the larger group. Running through downtown Halifax, the youth hurled paint-filled light bulbs, fire-crackers and rocks at police, businesses and journalists. Police used pepper spray and electric stun- guns to subdue the protesters. Some protesters said the break-away faction was provoked after police started using stun-guns on others. (Canadian Press, June 19)

The Atlantica project, officially known as the International Northeast Economic Region (AINER), envisions new ports, transmission lines and superhighways to integrate Canada’s Maritime provinces with New England and upstate New York.

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