G8 summit: Greenpeace leads police on sea chase

Protesters dodged the massive police presence at the G8 summit in Heiligendamm again June 7, blockading a road leading to the summit site. Thousands of demonstrators had spent the night in the no-demonstration zone within a kilometer of the security fence. The words “Evil Empire!!!!” were taped to a road sign that pointed the way to Heiligendamm. Meanwhile, sea-borne Greenpeace activists leading officers on a boat chase in the Baltic. One boatload of protesters spilled into the Baltic after colliding with their pursuers. (AP, June 7) In nearby Rostock, a “clown bloc” marched, mocking police and official paranoia about anarchist “black blocs.” (Infoshop, June 5) Polish activists staged an occupation of a train after being refused entry into Germany. After anti-terrorist squads were brought in, police gave the activists half an hour to leave, and the occupation ended. (A-Infos, June 6)

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