FARC executes prisoners in rescue attempt: Bogotá

Colombia‘s FARC guerillas executed four captive members of the security forces as the army raided the camp where they were being held in a rescue attempt, authorities said Nov. 26. National Police Sgt. Luis Alberto Erazo, who had been held since December 1999, was able to escape his captors as four of his colleagues were executed by the rebels, Defense Minister Juan Carlos Pinzón said. “At the moment the first shots were heard, Sgt. Erazo took the decision to run,” Pinzón claimed. “He run and he hid in the jungle. According to reports, he was pursued by three terrorists of the FARC who even threw grenades at him during the chase. This caused him facial injuries.”

The raid took place in Curillo municipality, Caquetá department, where Erazo and his colleagues were captured 12 years ago. They were among the so-called “canjeables,” which is Colombian slang meaning exchangeable for cash. The FARC is holding another 16 members of the security forces captive in the jungles of southern Colombia. (Colombia Reports, InfoLatam, Nov. 27; Colombia Reports, Nov. 26)

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