Did U.S. target Italian journalist?

Italians are demanding answers in the case of US troops opening fire at a checkpoint on a car containing an Italian secret serviceman and an Italian journalist recently freed from Iraqi abductors. The secret serviceman, Nicola Caripari, was killed, and thousands attended his Rome funeral, placing pressure on Bush to provide answers and on Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi to pull his troops out of Iraq. The journalist, Guilliana Sgrena, was wounded but survived. Now some theorize she was the real target of the hit. Writes a friend:

>The Bush Administration claims that allegations it deliberately sought to
>kill Guilliana Sgrena, the Italian journalist, are 'absurd'.
>If you'd like to read some of Sgrena's reportage from Iraq, click on the
>link below. It makes clear why military forces might not be unhappy if she
>met with an unfortunate accident....