Detroit area mosque vandalized —again

Why is there more outrage in the national media about mosques being built than about mosques being vandalized?
From the Detroit News, May 16:

Vandals hit Downriver mosque twice within a week
Brownstown Township — Police are investigating two incidents of vandalism that happened within a week at a local mosque. Windows were broken and doors were smashed at the Masjid Umar-bin-Khattab Mosque on May 9 and again on Saturday, with the second attack caught on videotape, said spokesman Muhammad Khan.

“You can see five young persons on the recording,” Khan said. “They broke a number of windows. We think it might be the same people who attacked the mosque earlier in the week. This is the first time we’ve had a problem in 10 or 15 years.”

Khan is hoping the attack wasn’t motivated by religious bigotry.

“We made a report to the police and they told us that 10 cars in another subdivision had their windows broken out the same night the mosque was attacked,” Khan said. “It might just be people who were out vandalizing everyone. I don’t think it’s a hate crime or anything like that.”

But Khan said the mosque—which has about 500 members—is going to expand its video security system this week just in case.

Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) director Dawud Walid said he has spoken to the FBI about the two incidents.

“It’s hoped that they will follow up with the police,” Walid said. “There have been reports around the country regarding threats against mosques after the Times Square incident. I don’t know if there is any connection or if this is a backlash situation. But we feel two cases of vandalism in a week deserves serious attention and for it to be investigated as a potential crime motivated by bias.”

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  1. Bias or not …
    I find it difficult to even comment on this subject today. I witnessed this morning the most outrageous exchange of vile bigotry on Facebook this morning. It is shocking when one discovers that their own “friends” hold such intolerant views.

    Could this be related to the national “discourse” over the purposed NYC Mosque, or is it a simple case of juvenile vandalism? If it IS the later, it couldn’t have happened at a worse time. This incident sends the red flags in my mind flying HIGH.

    I, as a former US Marine, am deeply saddened by the intolerance, xenophobia, and outright hate that the past decade has flushed out of our American consciousness. I’m sure it was there all along…in fact, I’m sure of it. But it was a lot better when it was something that folks merely whispered in the shadows with closed company than it is as a national discussion.

    Tolerance of others is what our nation was founded on. I know, it’s the “eye for an eye” mentality. But as a wise man once said, “An eye for an eye just leaves everybody blind.”