Chavez offers US disaster aid, warns of global energy disaster

The US government has yet to respond to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s offer to send planeloads of aid, including 2,000 soldiers, firefighters, volunteers and other disaster specialists to Louisiana. Venezuela, the world’s fifth largest oil exporter, also pledged $1 million in Hurricane Katrina relief aid through its state-owned Citgo Petroleum Corp., plus fuel to help in hard-hit areas. (AP, Sept. 1) The company’s CEO Félix Rodríguez said this donation had the full support of the company’s parent organization, the Venezuelan state oil company Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA), as well as President Chávez. (Venezuelanalysis, Sept. 1)

Meanwhile, Chavez warned of a global energy disaster if the US invaded his country to seize its oil reserves. During an interview on the state-run VTV television, Chavez said the Pentagon is interested in Venezuela’s Orinoco region, which has a crude reserve of 300 billion barrels. He said the Venezuelan intelligence services have learned of a US plan to invade his country and capture the oil fields. Under the US plan, code-named Balboa, the major cities of Caracas, Maracay and Valencia will be bombarded and occupied, according to the president. Chavez vowed that the US soldiers “will bite the dust” if they invade Venezuela.

Venezuela, with a daily 2.8-million-barrel output, is the second most important producer of crude oil in Latin America, after Mexico. It is the region’s main exporter with 1.5 million barrels of oil being shipped out every day. (Xinhua, Sept. 1)

See our last report on Venezuela, and on Katrina’s aftermath.

  1. Chavez is dangerous to the U.S.
    Hugo Chavez is allies with Socialists, Communists, Islamists, Marxists, Anarchists, Maoists and other Leftist anti-Americans. Your recent article, “Chavez offers US disaster aid” is little more than a propaganda tool for Chavez and other enemies of the U.S which many Americans are keenly aware of regardless of Liberal media bias.

    By republishing Xinhua pieces, the efforts of WW4 REPORT and Bill Weinberg appear to conspire against the U.S. and are supporting anti-Americanism. This is a danger to my family, community and nation.

      1. Chavez w/Socialists, Communists, Marxists, and other Leftists
        Rumsfeld did indeed shake hands with Hussein. However, body language speaks a great deal. Saddam and Hugo are on the same team and are just enemies of the United States by their own admission. I am not to join the rest of the “Death to America” freaks.

        Syria and Iran are unavoidably next to stop the terror sickos.

        It’s like you know nothing about the enemies of the U.S. or are one of them Bill.
        Stalin was Saddam’s role model along with Che Gueverra, Mao and others:

        Islammunists, like Sadr, and the Communists, like Guevera are similar in their Revolutionary techniques:

        The Communists and Islammunists are allies:

        The resurgence of Nazism in Syria (Assad), Lebanon with Hamas and Hezbollah is very alarming:

        The Ku Klux Klan, Hamas and Hezbollah have a similar appearance:

        Hussein was a Marxist:

        Hussein commission this portrait:

        Hussein has put women, children and men in mass graves:

        The terrorist President of the Islamic Republic of Iran is in New York and a danger to our nation, our communities and our families:

        1. Utterly pathetic
          You rely on an analysis of “body language” and an abundance of hyperlinks to J-Pegs to make your point that Baathism, Stalinism, Nazism, Marxism, Maoism, Guevarism, Bolivarianism, Sunni jihadism, Shi’ite fundamentalism, etc. are all really the same thing. One wonders then why the CIA sank billions of dollars into arming the mujaheddin to kick the commies out of Afghanistan. One wonders why Taliban Afghanistan and Shi’ite-theocratic Iran were on the brink of war when the US invaded in 2001. One wonders what the bloody eight-year Iran-Iraq war was all about. One wonders why Saddam massacred Shi’ites, and kept both jihadis and communists down with his proverbial iron fist. One wonders why Russia sacrificed some 10 million of her people to resist the Nazis in WWII. One wonders why Moscow-backed Vietnam invaded Beijing-backed Cambodia in 1979. I especially love pointing to the bushy 19th-century style beard Saddam grew while on the lam to “prove” he is really a Marxist! One wonders if that rather inevitable stylistic adaptation to the unavailability of razors in his spider-hole makes any difference to all the hundreds (thousands?) of Communists killed by the Baathist regime. And one especially wonders if you ever actually read anything, or if you just look at pictures all day. And, of course, one inevitably wonders if you have anything close to half a brain.

    1. Chavez Allies..
      And The U S A is an enemy of the world !
      You Have NO friends because of your Foregin policy.

      Im sorry if you do NOT understand that most of the world have access to “Real News”.

      It is soo sad that the American people do buy all the “gossip” coming out of the “State Run Media”

      Dont you know that the Us have been involved in numerous coups and overthroving governments all over the world for more than 100 years ?

      Wauw..Please go back to school and do some reading about “your” Country.
      That might give you an idea why most of the world are fed up with the US way of doing things. And doing things “Only their way..or they either withdraw the support for that government or they pump millions of dollars to “US-happy” groups and politicians and have them do their job…The American Way !

      I am so Tired of (some) of the American people…Why Dont You ask questions about what your Own government and what they are doing ?

      You just go aHead with the Mainstrem (foxNews etc) news and THAT IS WHAT YOU CONSIDER NEWS !!!!

      Please…the american People “AND” The rest of the world Do deserve better.

      This issue with GWB and Cheney at the helm…is really scaring me..and i hope that people will Wake up …And consider the truth about what bush is tryin to do !

      Your Remarks about Chavez having “Friends” with “Everybody” is that supposed to be a bad thing?

      The US are “friends” with “everybody” and every country that have ANYTHING they want! And thats it !
      The US think of only ONE THING…The US of A !

      Oh well…im off

      Robert Johnsson

      1. Chavez, Ahmadinejad, Castro, Qadaffi, Communist/Islammunist
        Robert Johnsson wrote
        >>And The U S A is an enemy of the world!<< You are factually incorrect. It's the Communist/Islammunist axis that are the enemies of the world.

        Robert Johnsson wrote
        >>You Have NO friends because of your Foregin policy.<< No. It has nothing to do with a policy. We have freinds. Just not those who participated in Hussein and Annan's 'Terror for Food Program' with China, Syria, France, Gemany and other Socialist, Marxist, Communist, anti-Americans. For example, the resurgence of Nazism in Syria (Assad), Lebanon with Hamas and Hezbollah is very alarming:

        Hussein was a Marxist:

        Hussein commission this portrait:

        Robert Johnsson wrote
        >>Im sorry if you do NOT understand that most of the world have access to “Real News”. It is soo sad that the American people do buy all the “gossip” coming out of the “State Run Media” Dont you know that the Us have been involved in numerous coups and overthroving governments all over the world for more than 100 years ?<< The news media is anti-American. Again, as always seemingly, you are factually incorrect. For example, Dan Rather is a Communist Sympathizer.

        Robert Johnsson wrote
        >>Your Remarks about Chavez having “Friends” with “Everybody” is that supposed to be a bad thing?<< What I said and what you apparently are missing totally is that Chavez is a friend to every Socialist, Communist, Islammunist enemy we have. Chavez is just another Socialist Dictator freak who will need to be replaced by force like Bashir Assad, Kim Il, and even the tterrorist President of the Islamic Republic of Iran:
        It is you who has zero evidence and nothing to offer except ill informed anti-Americanism. Are you a Marxist, Socialist, Maoist, Islammunist, Communist, Anachist or some other kind of anti-American? Or do you have no purpose whatsoever?

        Thanks in advance for revealing the source for your anti-Americanism.

        Tom Brewitz

        1. Even more pathetic
          Imagine, telling an opponent he is “factually incorrect” about such inherently subjective questions as whether it is the US or your hallucinatory “Islammunism” which is the “enemy of the world,” or whether the American news media are “anti-American.” Not only do you not know your history, but you don’t even know the difference between an opinion and a fact. Please stop cluttering up my blog with your content-free blather.

          1. What would be more helpful in
            What would be more helpful instead of just criticizing my post is to tell me where I am wrong about the Islammunists, Marxist, Communist, Socialist, Maoist, and Leftist anti-American connection.

            Whether or not the news media has gone completely Al Jazeera is unknown. They simply seem to be unaware of the enemies of who the United States are as do you.

            As far as Baathism, Stalinism, Nazism, Marxism, Maoism, Guevarism, Bolivarianism, Sunni jihadism, Shi’ite fundamentalism, etc. being one and the same thing, I never made that assumptiion. What is very clear is that all have anti-American elements to them. All claim that there is no God.

            I do know my histor. Saddam Hussein was a Baath Socialist as was Bashar Assad is a Baath Socialist.

            David Duke, the racist Grand Wizard of the KKK visited Syria in November, 2005. The video shows how the crowd offers their ‘blood and soul’ for Bashar Assad the Hitler-like Syrian President. Socialism demands leader worship:

            Hitler was a National Socialist. The National Socialists of today worship Hitler and opposed removing Socialist Dictator Saddam, oppose President Bush and the U.S. in the War on Terror:

            Stalin was the leader of the United Soviet Socialist Republic. We had to team up with Stalin during WWII to defeat the Nazis or we would be blogging in Deutch. Stalin was estimated to have killed 50,000,000.

            The United States under Reagan was victorious against the Soviet Socialists in the Cold War.

            China is a Socialist nation lead by the Communist Party.

            As far as helping Afhanistan against the Socialist Soviets, it was the policy of the United States to oppose Soviet Socialists then.

            My clutter is clear and full of information. It may not support your vague views views but it does have a lot of content. For example, the reason that Islammunists don’t consider Castro to be an infidel is because he is Fidel. Castro trained Palestinian and Libyan terror freaks.

            “During late l966, the Cuban opened a number of training camps for guerrilla fighters in Cuba that were under Soviet supervision. Palestinian groups began sending students to these facilities on the “Isle of Pines” during l966, and upon graduation, those students spawned the terrorist groups that exploded in the Middle East during the l97O’s.”

            By the way, Saddam had WMD, used them, manufactured them, and hid them. How could they be missing if they never were there?

            Missing Iraqi nuke equipment worries IAEA
            The senior adviser to Iraq’s Interior Ministry blamed U.S. forces Tuesday for not securing facilities where the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency says equipment that could be used to make nuclear weapons has vanished.

            I have too many facts to post here. Best wishes and Merry Christmas!! 🙂

            P.S. Socialists don’t only oppose the U.S. They also oppose each other.

            1. “Facts”? Is that what you call them?
              Like the Shi’ite fundamentalists and Sunni jihadis “claim that there is no God”? (Unless you mean “no God but Allah”)

              Like USSR stood for “United Soviet Socialist Republic”?

              Like China, where peasants are being disenfrachised of their communal lands so the nouveau riche elite can build McMansions, is “socialist”?

              Like Afghanistan is spelled “Afhanistan”?

              Like there is any such animal as an “Islammunist,” when the jihadis have always hated communism as much as they hate the West?

              You just blew it. We have minimum standards for acccuracy and intellectual seriousness, and you have fallen well below them. We will no longer approve your posts (unless they radically improve, which we doubt).

              Merry Christmas to you too!

    2. > conspire against the U.S.
      > conspire against the U.S.

      Are you sure you mean ‘conspire’? That would require a free press. And here you are posting an ad for your blog.

      > other enemies of the U.S

      Feeling a little backed into a corner as the far right begins to crumble? Your phony conservative ideology is bankrupt, but you still have internet access. Back to your corner of the ring.