‘Car Intifada’ comes to England?

Four are dead, including the attacker, and 20 injured after an SUV mowed down pedestrians on London's Westminster Bridge, just outside the Houses of Parliament. Prime Minister Theresa May called it a "sick and depraved" terrorist attack, although nobody has claimed responsibility and the motive remains unknown. The bloody incident does come on the one-year anniversary of Brussels airport attack. So now we will once again be treated to endless debate about whether the perp was a "terrorist" or just an angry lone nut—a question which is pathologically politicized, and denies the possibility of the hybrid phenomenon: that is, an angry lone nut inspired by jihadism. And, of course, the critical factor of car culture will be overlooked in mainstream discourse.

Did you ever ask yourself: Why is that?

  1. ISIS claims London attack —of course

    Within hours of the attack in Westminster, ISIS social media channels were flooded with claims of responsibility—and new propaganda images of London "under attack." Quickly produced with design software, the images depicted the Houses of Parliament and other landmarks shattered by explosions and wreathed in smoke. But British officials suspect ISIS likely claimed credit for the London attack after learning about it in the news. Suspect Khalid Masood had previous convictions but none for terrorism, and is belived to have been a convert to Islam born under another name. (The GuardianCNN)

  2. Car Intifada comes to Sweden?

    Ten people, including a child, are still being treated in hospital after the Stockholm truck attack that killed four April 7, as police search properties and continue to question a 39-year-old native of Uzbekistan over the incident. (Radio Australia)

  3. ISIS claims Manchester attack —of course

    After the Manchester bombing, Prime Minister Theresa May said the government has raised its terrorism threat level from "severe" to "critical"— the highest level, meaning that another attack may be imminent. The suicide blast outside an arena where a concert by pop singer Ariana Grande had just ended has left at least 22 dead. A Manchester-born son of Libyan immigrants has been named as the perpetrator, and ISIS of course has claimed responsibility. (NYT, BBC World Service)

  4. Anti-Muslim car attack hits London

    One man has been killed and eight injured after a van ploughed into a group of worshippers at a mosque in London's Finsbury Park district. Witnesses described hearing the man, who has been identified at 47-year-old Darren Osborne and was detained by members of the public at the scene, shout: "I'm going to kill Muslims." He is also alleged to have told the injured: "You deserve it." (Yahoo News UK, June 19)

  5. New Years car attack in Tokyo

    At least nine were injured when a man rammed his car into pedestrians on a well-known shopping street in Tokyo's Harajuku district. Police quoted the man as saying he had perpetrated an act of terrorism "in retaliation for an execution" and "would not make any excuse" for his act. (Japan Today) No further details were given, but a week earlier two Japanese death row inmates were executed over the 1988 murder of a Cosmo Research corproate president and a company employee. (Japan Times)

    If the yahoo who carried out the Harajuku thought he was engaging in an act of protest against the death penalty, all we can say is… don't do us any favors.

  6. New Years car attack in Germany

    A 50-year-old German man has been arrested on suspicion of carrying out a xenophobic attack after driving his car into a group of people, including Syrian and Afghan citizens. Four people were wounded, one of whom remains in hospital. German police said the man rammed his car into pedestrians in a crowded plaza in the north-west town of Bottrop, just after midnight on New Year's Eve. (BBC News)