Cannabis crop found at bin Laden’s compound

This is pretty funny, given that the Taliban stone people to death for getting stoned. But it really appears that Osama bin Laden liked to get bombed as well as to bomb others. Hopefully, this will expose the jihadi fundamentalists as a bunch of hypocrites—like most puritans. From New York magazine’s Daily Intel blog:

Osama bin Laden’s Abbottabad compound may have appeared no different from any other nondescript house in the middle-class neighborhood of Bilal Town, except for the high cement walls topped with barbed wire — and a few other distinguishing factors. Along with rows of cabbages and potatoes on the border wall of the compound, for instance, CNN’s Nic Robertson discovered rows of marijuana plants. Pakistan makes roughly $4 billion a year from drug trafficking, although opium poppy is the preferred crop, leading some to believe that bin Laden partook of the plant to ease the pain from years of kidney problems. The men who lived in the compound with bin Laden, known there as Arshad Khan and Tareq Khan, also seemed wealthier than their neighbors, who were mostly shopkeepers, farm laborers, and Afghan refugees. They paid generous wages to the help, owned a red SUV and a white Suzuki jeep, and explained away the extra cash by saying that “they had a hotel in Dubai managed by their uncle who sent them money, or that they worked in the money-changing business,” reports the New York Times.

Pakistan’s Daily Times meanwhile reports that a bomb exploded near a mosque in Charsadda, outside Peshawar, on May 2—just hours after the US announced it had killed bin Laden. The mosque was located close to a police station, which appeared to be the target, but the mosque was destroyed while only the outer wall of the police station was damaged. Five people were wounded.

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  1. Osama porn stash boon to NY Post hed writers
    Assuming this isn’t CIA disinformation, the discovery in his compound of a stash of pornographic videos—which must have numbered in the hundreds at least, since they were found on some 100 thumb drives and 10 hard drives, as well as an unspecified number of discs—will further expose (*ahem*) this ultra-puritanical Wahhabi as an ultra-hypocrite. The New York Post in its coverage May 14 couldn’t resist the front-page hed “OSAMA BIN WANKIN‘.” The Post’s story informs us: “The SEALs also found a supply of herbal Viagra—a wild oat extract known as Avena syrup—at bin Laden’s bedside.”