Bolivian solidarity with Peru quake victims

Bolivian President Evo Morales has announced he and his cabinet will donate part of their pay to families left homeless by the devastating earthquake that hit neighboring Peru last week. “Peru has always shown solidarity toward us, and the first contribution I’d like to announce is that the president and vice president will donate 50 percent of their salaries,” Morales told a news conference in La Paz. Morales said all ministers and deputy ministers will donate 25% of this month’s salaries and urged all Bolivians to contribute to relief funds.

The 8.0 magnitude quake devastated Pisco and other cities on Peru’s Pacific coast Aug. 15, killing over 500 people. Getting emergency supplies to tens of thousands of people left homeless has become a logistical nightmare for the Peruvian government. Argentina and other Latin American countries have sent aircraft full of emergency supplies. “International aid is not always enough when there is a natural disaster, but a small contribution will always help the families affected by the earthquake,” Morales said. (Reuters, Aug. 20)

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