Basque squatters mobilize to defend Bilbao community center

International solidarity actions will be held July 16 with a protest at Bilbao’s city hall to stop the imminent eviction and demolition of the Kukutza III Gaztetxea community center to make way for a housing development. The Kukutza III Gaztetxea community center has been squatted by local Basque youth and activists for 13 years, housing numerous artists and hosting such musicians as Manu Chao and Fermin Muguruza. Although the property had long been effectively abandoned, the owners now plan to demolish the building for what the community center calls “speculative interests.” The Bilbao city government has turned down proposals to buy the property to save the community center. Kukutza III Gaztetxea urges supporters to “organize solidarity demonstrations in your towns and cities.” (Kukutza III Gaztetxea, Le Journal du Pays Basque, Urruña/Urrugne, July 15; El Correo, Bilbao, July 14)

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