Anarcho-punks attacked by police in Oaxaca

On the night of March 23, four young people associated with the anarchist punk fanzine Pensares Y Sentires were arbitrarily attacked, beaten and detained by police on the outskirts of Oaxaca City. The black-clad attackers, who repeatedly fired their pistols in the air to intimidate the youths, belonged to the municipal police force of Santa Lucia del Camino, the Oaxaca district where Indymedia reporter Brad Will was killed last year. The detainees were taken to the Santa Lucia del Camino jail, and released at 1:30 AM, charged with disorderly conduct. Two days earlier, they had particiapted in the ceremony and hunger strike to demand the Brad’s killers be brought to justice. The detained were also members of the local Somos Resistencia collective, part of the Anarkalactica youth culture network. (Kolectivo Todxs Somos Presxs, March 24)

Source archived at Chiapas95.

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