Afghanistan: US troops raid Swedish hospital?

The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan Sept. 7 accused troops from the US Army’s 10th Mountain Division of storming through the charity’s hospital in central Wardak province, breaking down doors and tying up staff in a search for militants. “This is simply not acceptable,” said the charity’s country director, Anders Fange, adding the the troops entered the female ward in violation of local customs. The US military says it is investigating. (AP, CNN, Sept. 7)

The accusation comes three days after a US warplane dropped 500-pound bombs on two tanker trucks apparently hijacked by Taliban insurgents in northern Kunduz province, sparking an explosion that local officials say killed more than 70 people. The dead included insurgents and some civilians who had swarmed around the vehicles to siphon off fuel. Germany, whose troops called in the strike, said it feared the hijackers would use the trucks to carry out a suicide attack against its military base nearby. (AP, Sept 5)

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