Double Bind
The Muslim Right, the Anglo-American Left and Universal Human Rights
by Meredith Tax
Centre for Secular Space, New York, 2014

Your Fatwa Does Not Apply Here
Untold Stories from the Fight Against Muslim Fundamentalism
by Karima Bennoune
WW Norton, New York, 2013

by Bill Weinberg, Dissent News Wire/Middle East Policy

Psychologist Gregory Bateson defines a "double bind" as a dilemma in which people are given conflicting sets of instructions so that obeying one means violating the other.

Meredith Tax in her brief study Double Bind (first published in the UK and now released in an American edition) explores that faced by the human rights community and progressives generally in confronting the "war on terrorism," in which Western states have committed horrific abuses in an ostensible struggle against reactionary political Islam. How do we defend the right to dissent when those being abused by the state do not recognize the right of others to dissent from their authoritarian dogmas?

Watching the Shadows

US sentences Muslim cleric to life imprisonment

The US sentenced Egyptian-born cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri to life in prison for supporting terrorism. The European Court of Human Rights had earlier barred his extradition.

Watching the Shadows

Ex-Gitmo detainee conviction overturned

The convening authority for the Office of Military Commissions overturned the conviction of ex-Gitmo detainee Noor Uthman Muhammed, who has been repatriated to Sudan.