The Andes

Peru: new ops against ‘narco-senderistas’

Peru's National Police stepped up operations against "narco-senderistas"—surviving remnants of the Shining Path that control cocaine production in two remote pockets of jungle.

The Andes

Shining Path leaders indicted in US court

Three leaders of Peru's Shining Path guerrilla movement, two still at large, were indicted in a US district court in New York on charges of "narco-terrorism conspiracy."

The Andes

Peru escalates cannabis crackdown

Cannabis took a greater share of total drug crops eradicated in Peru in 2013, and authorities hope to expand eradication this year—bringing the program beyond the remote coca zones.

Peru: pro-coca lawmaker ordered imprisoned

A court in Lima issued an order of “preventative detention” against ex-lawmaker Nancy Obregón, on suspicion of narco-trafficking and “collaboration with terrorism.” 

The Andes

Peru: life term for neo-senderista

Peru’s high court sentenced “Comrade Artemio,” one of the last “historic” leaders of the Shining Path guerilla movement, to life in prison on terrorism and drug trafficking charges.

The Andes

Peru: protests over militarization of coca zone

Peasants protested in Peru's coca-producing Apurímac-Ene River Valley after army troops fired on a public transport microbus, injuring nine. A state of emergency permits impunity. 

The Amazon

Peru: will land titling undercut Sendero?

Peru is titling campesino lands in the Huallaga Valley in a bid to undercut support for Sendero Luminoso—but communal title is being phased out under neoliberal dogma.