Planet Watch

Antarctica: …and still it melts

Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris climate agreement comes just as an unprecedentedly huge piece of Antarctica’s ice shelf is on the verge of breaking off from the continent. (Map:

North America

New pipeline showdown brews in New Jersey

The Ramapough Lunaape tribe in Mahwah, NJ, is protesting the proposed Pilgrim Pipeline that would carry shale oil down the Hudson Valley through their lands.

The Andes

Fracking opponents threatened in Colombia

A peasant community in Colombia's Cesar department has been threatened with legal action by oil giant ConocoPhillips for blocking roads to prevent development of a fracking site.

The Amazon

Colombia: campesinos block oil operation

Colombia's feared anti-riot force, the ESMAD, used tear-gas against campesinos occupying lands in the Amazonian department of Caquetá to block oil exploration efforts.

Planet Watch

A ‘New Oil Order’?

Experts declare a "new oil order" in which hydrocarbons will lose market share to renewables. But is it market conditions or geopolitics that explain the current price slump?

The Andes

Anti-fracking protests in Colombia

Residents of the town of San Martín in Colombia's northern Cesar department held protests over government moves to open the area to fracking by ConocoPhillips.

Planet Watch

New York state puts fracking ban in place

The New York Department of Environmental Conservation released a final environmental impact statement on the dangers of fracking, officially banning the practice in the state.

Southern Cone

Argentina: indigenous summit in Buenos Aires

Indigenous leaders from across Argentina's 17 provinces met in Buenos Aires to coordinate resistance to dispossession from their ancestral lands by development interests.