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This issue marks a fourth year of bringing you cutting-edge reports from the global fronts in the War on Terrorism, as well as reviews, digests and analysis—providing news and perspectives available nowhere else. Among the stories you’ve received from us this year are:

*Raven Healing’s dissection of the role played by oil pipeline schemes in Ukrainia’s “Orange Revolution.”

*Virginia McGlone’s in-depth reportage on the horrific massacre at the Peace Community of San Jose de Apartado, Colombia; and Daniel Leal’s investigation of US chemical warfare in the Colombian rainforest.

*Yeidy Rosa’s comprehensive look at the FBI slaying of Puerto Rican revolutionary Filiberto Ojeda Rios.

*Frank Morales’ in-depth examination of the sinister career of John Negroponte, revealing the death squad campaigns in Central America 20 years ago as a “test war” for Iraq.

*Wynde Priddy’s continuing series on the geopolitics of the Darfur genocide.

*Zighen Aym’s first-hand account of the Berber struggle in Algeria.

*Sarah Ferguson’s ongoing coverage of the politics of the US anti-war movement.

*George Caffentzis’ Marxist deconstruction of the “Peak Oil” theory.

*Peter Lamborn Wilson on Vermont’s revived movement to secede from George Bush’s America.

*On-the-scene reports from Haiti by Kody Emmanuel, from Congo by Keith Harmon Snow and from Peru by Yeidy Rosa

*My own interview with the African Liberation Forces of Mauritania, regular updates on indigenous and campesino struggles in Mexico and Colombia, and reports on the democratic civil resistance in Iraq.

*Reprints of the best from our sibling publications Weekly News Update on the Americas, Toward Freedom and Upside Down World.

You depend on WW4 REPORT for:

*real journalism, not just opinion-spewing and bloggery.

*a dissident-left perspective in the spirit of Orwell, not just left-wing groupthink which is the mirror image of right-wing groupthink.

*local ethnic, historical and ecological contexts behind the headlines.

*an emphasis on the struggles of land-rooted, stateless and indigenous peoples—the “Fourth World.”

*our daily weblog, bringing our exacting annotation and wry commentary to the news from around the world—as well as important stories from the foreign or alternative press that have been overlooked by the corporate media.

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Dec 1, 2005