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WW4 REPORT now enters its sixth year of struggle: to provide an ongoing record of the Global War on Terrorism, and its impacts on human rights, democracy and ecology. To bring the news from the “forgotten fronts” where US-led military campaigns affect indigenous and land-rooted peoples. And to bring dissident-left perspectives which are intransigently anti-imperialist and vigorously democratic. Here’s some of the exclusive journalism you’ve received from us over the past 12 months:

* Osman Yusuf‘s on-the-scene report on the Islamist resistance in Somalia.
* Ike Okonta‘s first-hand exploration of the Ijaw militias fighting the oil cartel in the Niger Delta.
* Mohamed Al-Azaki‘s eye-witness account of the Shi’ite insurgency in Yemen.
* Gwendolyn Albert‘s report from Prague on dissent to the new Euro-missiles.
* David Bloom‘s dissections of Israel’s ongoing colonization of the Occupied Palestinian Territories.
* Toufik Amayas Mostefaou on fundamentalist repression of sufism in North Africa.
* Julian Monroy on the paramilitary scandal in Colombia.
* My own interviews with the left opposition in Iran, and reports on indigenous struggles from Guatemala to Quebec.

WW4 REPORT brings you the most consistent, in-depth coverage available in English of:

*the civil resistance in Iraq
*the Zapatista movement in Chiapas
*the Tuareg struggle in Niger and Mali


* a close eye on the struggle for Iraq’s oil
* corporate oil agendas behind the Burma repression, tribal insurgencies in India, and resurgent terror in Algeria
* aggressive coverage of Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia and Central America.

To keep this going—and, hopefully, to grow—we need your support.

By supporting us now, you’ll receive an informative, hard-hitting token of our appreciation. We are currently producing two new additions in our pamphlet series. First, in cooperation with Shadow Press of Lower Manhattan, we will soon present Petro-Imperialism: the Global War on Terrorism and the Struggle for the Planet’s Oil, by yours truly. This will actually be a mini-book, clocking in at around 60 pages. You can receive a personally signed copy for a donation of $25.

We’re also working on the third installment in our series Iraq’s Civil Resistance Speaks, featuring our exclusive interviews and reports on the secular, socialist and feminist opposition to the occupation—to be produced jointly with our friends at Autumn Leaves Used Books in Ithaca, NY. We’ll send this along to the first ten folks to donate $15.

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