Fund Drive Extended

Dear WW4 REPORT Readers:

Thanks to an unexpected donation of $1,000 (as well as 20 more modest donations), we have exceeded our goal of $1,200 for our summer fundraiser. But we are continuing into a second month, hoping that we can maintain this momentum. Our ambitions go beyond mere survival. We think our voice brings vital news and perspectives to the anti-war forces, and we want to reach the point where we can pay our writers, travel for more first-hand reportage and (dare we dream it?) have a print edition. And we want to do it without going hat-in-hand to the big foundations and compromising our independence.

If we can continue to depend on you, our readers, to come through for us, we can make this dream a reality in a year or two. Meanwhile, your support will allow us to continue and to grow. If we can reach $2,000 this fund-drive, that would be extremely encouraging.

We will be putting some of the unexpectedly generous donation into a second print-run of our new pamphlet, Iraq’s Civil Resistance Speaks: Interviews with the Secular Left Opposition, Pt. 2. Once again, we are offering copies to the first ten people to donate ten dollars or more. But that will just cover the print-run, so please try to make it more—even just a little more.

For those who wish to become official sustainers of WORLD WAR 4 REPORT, we are offering a special premium. This was tremendously successful as a premium for WBAI Radio’s last fundraiser: a three-disc compilation of the best music I’ve played over the past ten years that I have been producing the Moorish Orthodox Radio Crusade. This is music from all over the world, and from many of the indigenous peoples and threatened cultures we cover in WORLD WAR 4 REPORT: the Berbers of North Africa, the Garifuna of Central America, the Afro-Colombians, the Bosnian Muslims, the Pashtuns of Afghanistan and much more. Some of it is deep traditional music, some of it is ethno-pop and urban rap. All of it really scratches the itch—the best of the best of a decade of radio programming. Most of it is not available in the United States. Also featured are offerings from Colombia’s underground punk scene, Neapolitan hip-hop, classical maqams from Baghdad, and a few samples of Bill Laswell’s collaborations with our sometime contributor, the elusive anarcho-sufi writer Hakim Bey. We are offering this three-CD set for the same donation we offered it on WBAI: $100.

This contribution will go a long way towards growing WORLD WAR 4 REPORT. Out of respect to WBAI listeners, who were told they were being offered an exclusive, we are limiting this offer to only five copies of the three-CD set, and we won’t be offering it again. When we have reached our limit, we will post a notice to the list and the blog. This is a unique opportunity to support our project while getting a truly rare token of our appreciation.

If you feel that we bring something vital at this time of fast-escalating global crisis, please continue your support. Send something today—and please spread the word about our project.

Send checks to: WORLD WAR 4 REPORT 89 Fifth Ave. #172 Brooklyn NY 11217

Please make checks payable to WORLD WAR 4 REPORT.

Or donate by credit card:
Thank you for your support. We can’t do it without you—really.

Bill Weinberg WORLD WAR 4 REPORT

Aug. 1, 2006