Does World War 4 Report Have Readers?

Dear Readers:

We have a very important question for you.

Do you exist?

No really, we need to know. We work hard on World War 4 Report every day. A month ago, with our June issue, we both asked for reader response on an Exit Poll (as we do every month) and announced our annual Summer Fund Drive (our first this year). We received no responses to either.

We ask our readers to show they are engaged with our project by either sending a small donation once a year, or by answering our Exit Polls, or both. If we are going to continue this project (which is about to enter its ninth year), we need to know that somebody is paying attention.

Now, we are not completely discouraged, because our benefit bash on the Lower East Side on June 18 was a big success. But we remain struggling with debt following the travel that brought you first-hand reportage on indigenous struggles in Peru and Bolivia over the past year.

So, let’s try again. Our Exit Poll, now extended into a second month, is: Will future generations note April 20, 2010 as a greater turning point than Sept. 11, 2001? (In case you’ve forgotten, that is the date the Gulf of Mexico disaster began.)

And once again, World War 4 Report receives NO foundation sponsorship. We depend on our readers to survive. Plenty of Idiot Left websites with bad politics and no editorial standards (we’ll refrain from mentioning any names for the moment) routinely rake in thousands in their fund drives. All we’re asking for is hundreds. And right now, we’re at snake eyes.

Is anybody out there?

Please let us know.

Bill Weinberg

Editor, World War 4 Report

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