Resources on "transfer"/ethnic cleansing in Israel/Palestine

Beware Bush’s Boomerang

Palestine Solidarity Activists: Driving a Wedge in Consensus Reality, an interview
with members of JATO and SUSTAIN

Afghanistan Historical Outline

Amazonia: Planning The Final Destruction,
by Bill Weinberg

Native Americas: Hemispheric Journal of Indigenous Issues, Fall/Winter
2001, 450 Caldwell Hall, Ithaca, NY 14853)


Listen to Free Trade, Ecological Struggle, and the War on Terrorism in Latin America, an Aug. 16 talk by Bill Weinberg at the Reclaiming the Anarchist Tradition conference,
Plainfield, VT.

Listen to WW3 REPORT editors Weinberg and Bloom on WFMU Nov. 29 discussing the War on Terror and thier Quixotic quest to make ends meet as radical journalists

The Mysterious Ramsey Clark: Stalinist Dupe or Ruling
Class Spook?"
by Manny Goldstein in The Shadow

The Renegade Jew: Official WW3 REPORT Fight Song (4.8 MB)