Dear WW4 REPORT Readers:

We still have quite a way to go to reach our summer fund drive goal, and we really do not want to extend the drive into the fall. Having spent two weeks in Japan at the Iraq solidarity conference hosted by the National Assembly for Peace & Democracy (Zenko) and then networking with other Tokyo pacifists and anarchists, we are still struggling to catch up.

If you appreciate our work, please show it—because we depend on your support in order to continue it. If you want to see the survival of a dissident-left voice that:

*gets out the word about the progressive, secular civil resistance movement in Iraq

*opposes anti-Semitic conspiracy theory without giving an inch to Zionism or betraying Palestine

*provides consistent in-depth coverage of Chiapas, Central America, Colombia, Peru and other forgotten GWOT fronts in Latin America…

…then please give what you can today.

While supplies last, we will be making available to those who give $20 or more our pamphlet series, “Iraq’s Civil Resistance Speaks: Interviews with the Secular Left Opposition, Part 1 & 2.”

The more you give, the quicker we can make our goal (the minimum we need to sustain us through winter), but we will accept any donation, no matter how small. We urge you to act today.

Send checks to:

121 Fifth Ave. #172
Brooklyn NY 11217

Please make checks payable to WORLD WAR 4 REPORT.

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Thank you for your support. We can‚t do it without you—really.

Bill Weinberg


Sept. 1, 2006