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We hope that WW4 REPORT represents a unique voice in a frankly over-saturated blogosphere. While too much of the media—including the “alternative” media—today condescendingly tell the “media consumer” what to believe, we attempt to provoke our readers to think things through, and to promote dialogue.

For instance, we’ve run lots of reportage from Venezuela which is favorable to President Hugo Chavez (especially from our comrades at Upside Down World). But this month we offer our translation of an analysis from the Caracas anarchist journal El Libertario, which is highly critical of Chavez’s shut-down of RCTV.

In a similar spirit we present this month excerpts from the debate (sponsored by Gush Shalom and edited by our friends at Peacework) between Ilan Pappe and Uri Avnery on one-state vs. two-state solutions for Israel and Palestine.

Instead of just taking easy shots at Bush over the Iraq debacle, we believe in vigorous support for Iraq’s civil resistance. In this spirit, we present this month an interview with Iraqi oil union leaders, conducted by our friends from WBAI Radio’s “Building Bridges: Your Community & Labor Report.”

This is why we present an Exit Poll each month, and post the results on our weblog. This month, we invite your responses on the RCTV controversy, the One-State solution, and the prospects for a free, secular Iraq.

Since our winter fund-drive you have also received our original on-the-scene journalism from the GWOT frontlines: Gwendolyn Albert on the Czech struggle against the new Euro-missiles, Osman Yusuf on the Somali insurgents, Mohammed Al-Azaki on sectarian warfare in Yemen, Toufik Amayas Mostefaou on Sufism under attack in North Africa, Ike Okonta on the Ijaw militias of the Niger Delta, and my own interview with Bina Darabzand of Iran’s radical-left student movement.

We can ONLY continue to bring you this kind of work with your continued support.

This will be the last time we are offering premiums from our first pamphlet series, as we are now preparing the next series. We still have a few copies left of “Iraq’s Civil Resistance Speaks: Interviews with the Secular Left Opposition, Part 1 & 2.” Since this is the last time these pamphlets will be available, we are asking $25 for each, or $50 for the set. And this will only be good while supplies last—enough to get us to our first $300 or so. We hope to raise $2,000 over the next few weeks. Please help us meet this goal.

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July 1, 2006