Zundel goes home

Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel is being deported by Canada back to his German homeland, where he is expected to be arrested for inciting racial hatred. Zundel, who has been sitting in a jail cell in Canada for the last two years, is the author of "The Hitler We Loved and Why." Though the title seems to have come from a Mel Brooks movie, Zundel was ruled to be a security threat in Canada. The famed Zundelsite is a locus on the web for white supremacists, holocaust deniers and neo and not-so-neo Nazis. The cause of the irregularities surrounding his imprisonment has been taken up by Alexander Cockburn’s Counterpunch. Perhaps there were irregularities in Zundel’s imprisonment, but it seems Cockburn could find more noble causes to fight.

The Zundelsite promises that the visitor will "Get to know the one-man powerhouse Revisionist who has dedicated his life to clearing Germany of the blood libel of the ‘Holocaust.’" The site is mirrored at http://www.lebensraum.org. It is linked to by Rense.com, the popular conspirazoid website of Jeff Rense, who has letters from Jews on his site attesting to his good character and lack of anti-Semitism. Rense.com’s anti-Zionist section is marked by a picture of an octopus festooned with the Star of David, whose outstretched arms are enveloping the earth. It also carries articles written by Zundel’s wife and collaborator Ingrid Rimsland. Rense.com has occasionally carried articles by or quoting from WW4 Report contributers.