Zelaya: “death squads” operating in Honduras

Ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya, speaking to reporters from the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa where he has taken refuge Sept. 24, indicated that he has already opened channels of dialogue with the de facto regime. Meanwhile, security forces clashed with his supporters at several points around the capital, hurling tear gas, detaining over 100, and leaving two dead and another 100 injured by official count. Zelaya charged that at least 10 were killed over the past two days of protests, and that “there are death squads” operating in Honduras that the world doesn’t know about.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon announced that the conditions for legitimate elections do not exist in Honduras, and that the United Nations is cutting off aid for the upcoming November vote. Zelaya said he could not name any officials he has has had contact with, but insisted the dialogue is off to a “positive” start. (El Universo, Guayaquil, La Vanguardia, Barcelona, BBC Mundo, Sept. 24; ANSA, Sept. 23)

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