WW4 REPORT fund drive extended

UPDATE: 17 readers have donated so far for a total of 500 USD. Please consider a donation today!

Dear WW4 REPORT Readers:

Our fund-raising drive has been forced to go into extra innings due to considerably underwhelming results. We really want to know that our readers care about what we do, so please—either send something, or answer the exit poll or otherwise send us feedback. To provide some incentive, and apropos of our story this issue on the politics of the Srebrenica massacre ten years later, we are offering free to anyone who sends ten dollars or more a copy of War at the Crossroads: An Historical Guide Through the Balkan Labyrinth by Bill Weinberg and Dorie Wilsnack. Printed in pamphlet form with maps and drawings by the great Belgrade political cartoonist Miro Stefanovic, this primer covers the history of the once-and-future Yugoslavia from before the Roman Empire to the Kosovo crisis and NATO intervention of 1999—all in concise, easy-to-read form. This was a limited-run edition, and a sure-shot for collector’s itemhood. Don’t miss this great opportunity!

So once again: Please help this project survive! Find your category (honestly) on the chart below, and please send something TODAY, while you are still thinking about it.

Minors, indigent and prisoners: FREE
Students, fixed-income and unemployed: $5
Working class Jane/Joe: $10
Professionals with health insurance: $25
Trust-fund rads: $50
Upwardly-mobile liberals: $75
Already-have-it-all liberals: $100
Just plain rich liberals: $200
Confused Republicans who like us because we’re “anti-government”: $500
Mike Ruppert: $1,000
Woody Harrelson: $5,000
George Soros: $50,000

Send checks to:

89 Fifth Ave. #172
Brooklyn NY 11217

Please make checks payable to WORLD WAR 4 REPORT.

Or donate by credit card:


Thank you for your support. We can’t do it without you–really.

Bill Weinberg

PS We also need writers and interns!