Wildcat strike at Iran’s Bushehr shipyards

From Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network, Jan. 30:

Workers shut off Iran Sadra’s Bushehr shipyard’s gate
“We’ll stay on strike until we achieve our goal”

Following the sacking of 38 workers at Iran Sadra’s Bushehr shipyard on 30 January, 150 workers shut off the shipyard’s gate. According to a report by the government-controlled ILNA, Iranian Labour News Agency, the Iran Sadra workers’ representative said: “An agenda had been arranged in the [Bushehr] province governor’s office, according to which if the company has orders then its workforce will be returned to work and they will sign contracts so that the problem is resolved. But not only has the problem not been resolved, but after a month has passed 38 workers have also been sacked.”

Mr Ranjbarian called this a spontaneous strike and added: “There has to be a crucial solution to this problem and nothing can progress with one or two month contracts.”

He also said that time was against the workers: “On the question of job creation, the government has given Iran Sadra company big projects for building multipurpose ships and transport barges and the President has signed deals with countries like Venezuela, so that the workers of Iran Sadra can return to their jobs. But today we have yet again witnessed the sacking of this company’s workers.” When asked whether unemployment insurance can satisfy young workers’ needs, he said: “Unemployment insurance is the end of the line”.

Mr Ranjbarian also added: “The problem that Bushehr’s Iran Sadra workers are grappling with was created by the managing director of the company. This also questions the [role of] all the province’s authorities: it is amazing that until today no legal measures have been taken against him. Mr Ranjbarian finally said: “We’ll stay on strike until we achieve our goal”.

Reinstate all sacked workers!
Give the workers permanent contracts!
Victory to Iran Sadra workers!

Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network

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