Waziristan: NATO bombing Pakistani territory?

Ten civilians were killed June 23 inside the Pakistani tribal area of North Waziristan in a mortar attack from Afghan territory—fired by foreign forces, a local authorities say. “Ten innocent people were reported killed when some mortars hit civilians in Mangroti village in the Shawal region,” said military spokesman Maj-Gen. Waheed Arshad. Thirteen others were injured, he said. Some locals put the death toll at 20, and a home was destroyed. Residents said the dead included a child, a woman and seven men, all from the same family. “Pakistan has lodged a strong protest with coalition forces seeking an explanation,” Gen. Arshad said.

North West Frontier Province Gov. Ali Jan Orakzai recently warned tribal authorities of the danger of attack from across the border if militants continued to shelter foreign militants.

Shawal residents also said fighting had spilled over from Afghanistan late on June 22, with 20 killed. Residents described the dead as “nomads.” (Possibly a reference to the Kuchi.) There are further reports Coalition fighter planes pounded Angoor Ada in South Waziristan, destroying more than 15 houses. Local residents and witnesses talking to BBC reported that a US helicopter gunship fired several rockets on a small hotel early June 23, killing at least 12 people and destroying the hotel, houses and vehicles parked in nearby areas. (Pakistan Daily Times, June 24)

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