Venezuela recalls ambassador from Peru

Caracas has recalled its ambassador from Lima in response to Peru‘s decision to grant political asylum to wanted Venezuelan opposition leader Manuel Rosales. Rosales, who lost the 2006 Venezuelan presidential race to President Hugo Chávez, is accused of illegally enriching himself while governor of Zulia state. In an April 27 statement, Venezuela’s foreign ministry charged that Peru’s decision “constitutes a mockery of international law.” (Press TV, Iran, April 28)

Interpol has issued a warrant for the arrest of Rosales at the request of President Hugo Chávez—who has also asked the international police agency for a warrant for former Caracas mayor Alfredo Peña, who is accused of being responsible for the killings of Chávez supporters and cooperating with the April 2002 coup attempt. (AP, April 30; VHeadline, April 16)

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